The reason why one night stands don’t work

one night stand

One night stands are more common than ever. It is no secret that people today have the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want. With this freedom comes a lot of responsibility and the need for some basic principles to guide us through life.

In the simplest terms, one night stands should not be looked at as an alternative to marriage or monogamy because it can cause a lot of damage in people’s lives. This includes emotional distress, lack of understanding, and negative consequences like an STD or pregnancy.

The societal impact of one night stands:

it’s very important that we understand the societal impact of one night stands so that we can change society as a whole. Many people in society think that one night stands are harmless, but we need to be aware of how these actions might influence our future.

– For starters, not everyone is ready for kids and being intimate always carry a risk of having to become a parent sooner rather than later.

– One night stands can lead to unplanned pregnancies but also STIs.

– One night stand culture can result in higher divorce rates and less time spent with loved ones.

– And the most significant point – single mothers that can be the result of this type of intimacy are more likely to live below the poverty line than women who have never had a one night stand.

One night stands’ double standards:

One night stands reputation is a result of society’s double standards. Men are encouraged to have as many partners as they can, while women are expected to be monogamous and “good”.

The reputation of one night stands is a result of the double standards that exist in society. Men are encouraged to have as multiple partners when they’re single, by being perceived as an “adorable player” or a “cool guy” when they do. On the other hand, women are expected to be wiser and abstain from intimacy outside of a committed relationship.

Women are often very secretive about having had one night stands. but, if heterosexual men are having them then clearly women that are not so open about sharing the experience had them too. In the end, women may even end up feeling pressured into having one night stands because they feel their sexuality is seen as dirty and not something to be proud of.

One night stands often end up hurting someone emotionally and physically. Their effects range from making the girl feel used, or causing both people involved to regret it later on, in life.

Consequences of one night stands:

A one-night stand can be a liberating experience when it ends well and the person you slept with is someone you stay in touch with. Or, someone that ends up being deeply connected to.

Conversely, a one-night stand can lead to the most disappointing moments of your life if it doesn’t work out and something bad happens because of it. These experiences often leave people feeling disappointed, empty, and depressed about their decision to engage in casual physical relationships that have no purpose or meaning.

“You don’t know me, you just saw me naked”:

The reason why this type of casual sex can be devastating at times, is because it involve a person that we most of the time know nothing about and could even turn out to be our worst nightmare if we got to know them properly.

As much as we’d like to deny this fact, there is an undeniable truth that most of us feel bad when we find ourselves single for the first time in few months or years. The lack of love, affection, intimacy, and chemistry can bring out our inner animalistic nature and lead us towards one-night-stand land, and sometimes it can only go downhill from there.

Can a genuine relationship start with a one night stand:

One night stands could cause a vast set of different problems compared to relationships. The sexual intercourse between two people does not create any feeling of intimacy, long-term satisfaction, love or security. Sexual partners are unable to get to know each other in a real-life context and their connections are thus weaker.

Genuine long-lasting relationships have less chances to be built on one-night stands rather than more traditional ways. Thats because relationships and deep connections need commitment and trust from both partners in order to succeed.

Bottom line:

In the end, a one night stand is a way to explore your emotions and sexual desires without the social, emotional and financial commitments that come with having a relationship.

In the modern day, one night stands have been romanticised as an expression of our freedom and sexuality in a society where more and more people are expected to be in committed relationships.

One night stands are often associated with promiscuity and casual sex. That’s why not all women go for it. And, the ones that do choose to keep it secret as private life should stay a private matter anyway. However, most women prefer to look for a potential relationship that can lead to something more serious and meaningful in their life.

The most important thing is to be safe while you are out and about. The less you interact with strangers, the less risk you face.

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