4 Best New Year Resolutions for you, this year!

New year resolutions

The new year is here, and with it comes the resolution to lose weight, get healthier, and make a change in your life. This is a great time to make resolutions for your career and work as well. New year resolutions can be challenging when you’re just starting out on your professional journey.

The best new year resolution might also involves your personal life or be to spend more time at home with your family and loved ones. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, take some personal time for yourself by doing activities that you love and enjoy every day, every other day or at least once a week.

Not the same for everyone:

Not everyone has the same idea of what makes a good new year resolution. Some people want to lose weight, some want to save money, and some are looking for career change.

The best new year resolutions are those that have the potential to transform your life for the better. They’re about being proactive about your life and making changes now that you’ll be happy about in the future.

How to stick to your New Year resolutions:

Research has shown that people are more likely to keep their resolutions if they put them into writing first.

This year, many of you might want to consider writing your resolutions down and taking the time to think about what your life could be like in a year if you stick to them.

Think about what changes you want to make and what the outcome could be, you can even start thinking about how you can make these things happen earlier.

4 best New Year Resolutions:

Losing weight:

The resolution to lose weight has been on the list for decades and is one of the most popular resolutions. It’s no secret that it’s difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan, but some people are still determined to achieve their goal.

The reason why people want to lose weight is that they want to feel confident and better about themselves. It is not only a physical change but one that also involves a lot of mental changes and motivation as well.

So whether your motivation for this is vanity or to improve your health you should know that you have the full right to choose how you prefer your body to be. Do not feel ashamed or corned by toxic body positivity movements that sometimes like to shame us into thinking we don’t love our bodies enough when we decide to lose a couple extra pounds.

It is important to understand that the same way nobody has the right to shame you for being a specific size, nobody can tell you not to want to lose weight if you think that will be flattering to your looks.

To start making it happen you need to resolve to become healthier. Try to make a list of what’s going on in your life that might be preventing weight loss, and start making healthier lifestyle changes.

You should also be informed that there are online apps that can help you lose weight. Some go as far as allowing you to create your own food plan, giving you weekly meal plans, community support from other people who are also trying to lose weight, and even a consultation with a dietician.

Needless to say that most of them also have an online forum where people can discuss their struggles while they make progress in their weight loss journey. So what’s not to love about technology ?!

Spending more time with your family:

Family time does not always have to come as a vacation; it can also be spent with loved ones on adventures such as camping or hiking together. This New Year’s resolution should also include finding creative ways to engage with your family in doing things that you both enjoy as well as sticking to a budget. 

This sounds like the easiest resolution but it’s not always so easy when you have a busy work schedule, kids’ activities, and maintaining your relationship with your significant other.

It’s always a good idea to take some time to travel with your loved ones. Whether it’s a city break, an overseas trip or just a day trip, travelling will give you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and have some unforgettable moments together.

If you are looking for your best new year resolution, you should consider investing more time with loved ones. Spending quality time with family members is one of the best ways to grow closer and stronger.

You might also want to think about spending more time outside this year and living healthier. It’s important for you to find activities that make you feel alive and carefree again after being stuck at home for years due to the covid-19 lockdown; whether it be hiking in nature or playing sports with friends.

We believe that being mindful of the little things like this, can help you become more aware and focus on what’s important in life.

Quit social media:

Quitting your job and travelling the world has been ranked as the top resolution by 26% of respondents of a recent survey.

This resolution was followed by quitting smoking, quitting social media, saving more money, losing weight, starting a business or freelancing, and adopting a new lifestyle or diet. To travel the world and quit your job won’t be realistic without financial freedom or a proper retirement plan. This will be discussed in the next resolution on this list.

However, the top most popular or voted resolution was quitting social media which was chosen by 67% of respondents from our survey.

It is not a secret that the use of social media has sometimes a negative impact on mental health. The sense of self, and most importantly, our human nature that makes us feel envy or jealousy when comparing our life or looks to others can be devastating.

Not to mention how fake and unrealistic most online celebrities lives and physiques are. Sometimes, they may have resorted to cosmetic surgeries and not be honest about it. Also they may also be photoshopping their photos too for a more dramatised look on top of their surgeries and treatments.

If you really want to quit social media, you have to be ready to say goodbye to social media friends and cut off all digital contact with them. It will be painful but you will feel so much better in the long run.

Saving more and thinking about retirement plan:

You can start thinking about having a retirement plan as early in life as you want. Retirement plans don’t have to be exclusive to people who are 5 years away from the retirement traditional age.

Retiring could be as early as in your thirties as long as you planned it all meticulously and established a safe passive source of income or amount of savings that can sustain your lifestyle and needs for the rest of your life. In fact, people that plan their retirement early and work hard towards similar goals have less chances to be depressed.

If you have a high enough salary or a good enough source of income then start saving this year. Think about a way to retire as early as possible, so you can travel and enjoy watching the sunset from different countries with your loved ones, while still in good health.

Here is an article that can help you do just that and start budgeting and planning today to retire early.

Bottom line:

Some common resolutions include spending more time with family, travelling with loved ones and doing more activities outdoors. As we gear up to usher in the new year, we should perhaps consider some other resolution ideas like eating healthy foods, drinking more water or even going to the gym 3 times a week, when possible.

Instead of making New Year resolutions, some people opt for self-improvement or personal development plans instead which helps them achieve what they want in life without getting frustrated. 

In the beginning of the year, many people usually make a resolution. However, it is not always easy to stick to them. You may already know this so try to stay persistent and determined in your quest for a better life and good luck! 

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