3 best snacks for a winter night at home

winter snacks

People often associate winter with the chilly weather, but winter is actually one of the best seasons for late nights in a blanket, watching Netflix and snacking. Here are some of the best snacks for a cold evening.

The best snacks for winter are savoury ones. These snacks are perfect for the cold weather, and they will keep you warm during the night.

Indeed, when it comes to food and drink, many people have to switch gears and make a decision between “savoury or sweet?” But this doesn’t mean that you have to choose between yummy or satisfying during the cold season. Here are some savoury snacks perfect for when you want something warm, spicy, and satisfying:

Garlic bread and soup:

While some go for the traditional winter warmers like soup or cocoa, others try to find something less-caloric but still filling. We suggest taking out the garlic bread from the freezer and putting a couple in the oven.

By the time it cooks, which is 5 to 10 minutes or less, you would’ve made a quick soup in a cup or bowl. If you have sachets for this, all that’s needed will be to add some boiling water and mix it all. You can choose between types and types of garlic bread and we recommend you try the two below:

Cheesy Garlic Bread –

This snack is a winter classic but is also great as a summer option because it’s so tasty. It goes well with any soup or pasta dish and has a cheesy garlic taste to it, which will keep you warm on these cold winter nights.

Spicy Garlic Bread –

If you’re looking for something spicier and extra comforting then this is it. A spicy garlic bread tastes like an Indian dish with its blend of flavours, spices and herbs. It is perfect as a warming winter food to enjoy with your favourite soup!

It can curb your cravings for a heavy and flavourful Indian curry because it has the same taste and can be filling too when enjoyed with a soup. All with too little calories to count!

Oven baked sweet potato:

Cold weather makes us crave hot food which is why oven baked potato chips are a great snack to have this season. There is also a wide variety of savoury snacks that you can dash in the oven and enjoy such as sausages, samosas, hash browns and chicken nuggets, etc. So make sure you never run out of these in your freezer!

What could be even yummier is to slice sweet potato chips or sticks and put a bit go olive oil, salt and masala spices on them before putting them in the oven.

The results are amazing!! If it’s hard for you to peel or slice the sweet potato then just slicing it in the middle and doing the same can give a great outcome! This way you can enjoy your snack by digging though it with a spoon.

Easy-to-make noodles:

Japanese and Korean cuisine is famous for their savoury dishes. This is because they are popular with both sweet and savoury flavours, which can be enjoyed in one dish. However, we will not be doing them justice if we don’t mention one of the greatest invention that they ever made; and that’s ramen.

As we transition into a new season, there are certain foods that we tend to crave more than others. Some of these foods are easy-to make noodles or ramen because they’re not only easy to make but also very cheap. 

Available in different flavours and can be made with lots of water or dried out, the easy-to-make noodles can be a yummy snack to keep you warm in the winter. If you’re a fan of Korean dramas then you would’ve probably already seen your favourite characters enjoy a pack of ramen in one or more episodes. Chances are you’re well-accustomed to this yummy little snacks and has several sitting on your shelves in the kitchen.

All that’s need now is for you to boil a pot of water, chuck in the noodle and add the spices they came with. Then, wait for 8 minutes or until they dry out if you put too little water and dig in!

Bottom line:

A cold winter can make you crave for heat. These are some of the best snacks to keep you warm while also satisfying your appetite.

But it is also important to keep in mind that many winter snacks are high in sodium and have a lot of sugar content. If you’re going to choose one, make sure it’s not very salty or sweet.

Winter is a time when people tend to eat more savoury, warm and hot food in order to stay feeling better. But, if you prefer sweet desserts then check out our list of top 3 tastiest Indian desserts ever made!

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