How to decide between blond or dark hair ?

blond or brunette

Your hair colour can have an impact on your overall appearance. It will dictate how people perceive you. The colour of your hair also affects the way you feel, like a sign or hint about an individual’s personality.

A black colour of hair can be very attractive and feminine. It can create a beautiful contrast for pale or very fair people. It can also complete the look of darker skin tones and give them a distinctive style.

Blond hair on the other hand, is popular because it looks good on almost every type of skin tone and it’s considered as a neutral natural colour that can be adapted to any hairstyle. Despite people not being born with blond hair, it is sometimes more acceptable and natural for them to dye their hair blond than to pick a different colour like pink or blue.

How to pick between blond and dark hair ?

Black hair looks better on a person with dark skin tones than blond. Black hair is more versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways to suit different face shapes and eye colors. However, blond hair can have an airy feel to it, which makes it ideal for people who have light features like blue eyes or fair skin.

So when deciding between blonde or black, the answer is simple- you should go with what makes you look your best!

If you still didn’t try both then what are you waiting for ? life is too short for us to worry too much but details like hair colour. Try both and see which one compliments your features the most. Also if you are scared of dying your hair as it could damage it and only want to do it if you’re sure it will look like fire on you then try photoshopping a picture of you with the hair colour of your choice.

Pick a picture where your features and face are very visible and photoshop your hair into the colour of your choice to see how good it will look on you. This way you can make an informed decision and be happy with the results!

The new popularity of black hair:

In the past, blond hair was the more popular choice because it symbolised femininity, innocence and youth. This trend has changed over time and now, many women prefer black hair because they have more control over their look with it. Social media also brought on a glamorisation of brunettes with curves and distinctive features rather blondies.

Blond women have also had their time to shine and fair share of being the embodiment of sexy. They enjoyed a lot of popularity from their electric looks from marline Monroe to Britney Spears today! So keep in mind that these are changing trends that mean nothing and stick to a colour that you think will look better on you specifically without getting influenced by whatever the idea of beauty is today and social media.

Hair colour trends have always been a source of debate but it should be noted that both colours suit everyone to different extents. The key is to choose which colour you think will work best for you according to your personality, lifestyle and ambition.

Factors that can help you choose:

If you have brown or black eyes, this does not mean that your choice should inevitably go for black hair. If your eyes are big and your features are too soft, then blond hair may suit you too and bring out your beauty more. On the other eyes, striking blue eyes or green do not mean either that you should stick to blond hair since black hair can make an amazing contrast effect with your eyes.

Other factors to consider include the length of your hair and whether you want it short or long, what colours compliment your complexion, as well as how light or dark your skin is, what you’re going for and the type of colours you like to wear. For example; if you already wear black a lot then blond hair could be a good shout to make stand from the crowd rather than melt in the background.

If we take factors such as face shape into account, it is better to go for a blond or lighter shade, if you have a full face, square shaped face or big cheeks. This is meant to attenuate the strength of your features and take out the attention off of your face. If you have smaller and smoother features then black hair it is!

Keep in mind that hair colour also affects how people view you and how others perceive your character. It can sometimes cause a shift in perceptions and attitudes of others, depending on the colour chosen by an individual.

Other things to consider before dying your hair:

Bleaches, dyes and other hair colouring tools do not change your natural colour. This means you will have to keep dying your roots for as long as you wish your new hair colour to remain. Hair dying can be damaging to your hair and cause it to become thin, brittle and weak.

Keep in mind, some natural colours are harder to dye than others, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before deciding on a new colour.

Bottom line:

Some people prefer blond hair because it’s a bolder statement to make than black hair, while others prefer black because it’s more subtle.

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