The bright side of growing up in poverty, if any…

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Growing up poor can be both a happy and challenging journey. This is because there are moments where you have to make difficult decisions in order to survive. You may have to give up on certain things, such as playing with friends or going out for a movie night, in order to put food on the table.

Many people who grew up poor go on to lead incredible lives and become successful entrepreneurs. They often attribute their success to the valuable lessons they learned during their childhoods and how they were able to overcome the challenges they faced while growing up in poverty.

Check out our article about whether intelligence is hereditary or acquired to learn about how poverty, struggle and being force to problem-solve and adapt to difficult situation can be responsible for making one of the smartest or most intelligent people in the world.

Poverty can never be a good thing:

Obviously none of this means that it is a fixed rule that only poor people grow up to become geniuses, nor is it implied that people who had a comfortable and happy childhood are unintelligent. But, as we all know poverty can be a hard struggle especially for children that don’t have much patience as adults.

Children may have needs that will not care about the parents’ financial situation and that necessarily have to be met for the safety and wellbeing of the child; like staying warm, having a shelter, having food and education, etc.

In this article, we try to navigate the dark and horrible experience of growing up in poverty and how people who had to go through something like this can learn to find the bright side or feel less bad about themselves and experience.

The silver lining of growing up poor:

There’s not always a silver lining to find in having been extremely poor as a child or having had a difficult childhood in another way. Most people end up with lifelong mental issues or problems that will follow them or cause bigger repercussions during their adulthood and affect their social life or even private life on a deeper level.

However, if you’re one of these people, then we’d like to first congratulate you for even having made it and survived what you went through when younger. Being still alive is in itself an achievement sometimes when we have been through proper misery and pain.

Nonetheless, growing up poor is not always a horrible experience in life. You parents, friends, loved ones or siblings may have still made the experience a challenging but happy journey. Sometimes there are are moments where you have had to make difficult decisions in order to survive. Or, you may have had to give up on certain things, such as playing with friends or going out for a movie night, in order to let your parents be able to put food on the table.

Whatever sacrifices you had to make, we should keep in mind that children don’t have a fully developed understanding of life. That’s why even little compromises may sometime be extremely painful to them, accordingly with their personality type.

In the end, none of this will matter if you learn to overcome it and grow into a persevering individual that only have their own self to rely on and that is determined to go through everything and anything and to succeed at any cost!

Other important factors:

It is important to note that not every poor child will grow to become a big entrepreneur. Other factors and personality traits should be present in the individual like the thirst of success, ambition and refusing to give up and accept one’s misery or bad “fate”.

The way to change it all could be to break the cycle and go on to do a higher degree than your parents had. Or, take more initiatives than they did. You can also try to start your own business or learn very rare and lucrative skills that will pay off.

None of this though can be pursued if your personality type doesn’t match these goals or if you don’t have the right emotional support and fit a specific criteria.

The outcome of having limited resources “out of choice”:

Kids are not pets or unintelligent beings that we raise. As your kids grow older, they will develop a good and deep understanding of your means and financial situation. They’re highly smart beings and can easily understand whether or not the “poverty” they went through and struggle was created by you as a restrictive or maybe cheap parent or if it was an external factor out of your control.

In families that are genuinely suffering a lack of resources, the little things will make everyone happy and the kids will learn to appreciate those moments in life more. For example, if one of the parents got a promotion or unplanned unexpected money and they took the kids out for a treat or bought something for the family then it will bring a lot of joy in the household.

It could make the entire family extremely happy for that one day or night and it will cause a specific type of reaction in the kids’ brains. They will understand the importance of money and the purpose of it while having more love for their family and naturally developing more family-oriented values.

On the other hand, if your aim is to teach them the importance of money or hard work by restricting them a lot to extreme levels, then it could very much backfire on you. Check out our article about how to stop being cheap, if you just cannot bring yourself to spend money on your kids or to help them have comfortable enjoyable lives while still teaching them important values.

How restricting your kids to teach them important values can backfire on you:

Many people believe that growing up poor is something that you “have” to go through if you hope to succeed later on in life. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and parents who make their children struggle purposefully to “teach them the notion of money” or “hard work” can sometimes be wrong for it.

Being extremely strict or bad to your children is not very pleasant for them and may translate or be be interpreted by them as a lack of love from you, or not caring about their wellbeing.

If you’re one of these parents or only want to teach your child to be independent by watching them be in an extremely difficult situation and not helping, then be aware that it may not help them develop any valuable skills that will make a difference later on in their life or future.

That’s simply because they’ll be too focused on trying to understand your actions instead and why you act so heartlessly. This type of behaviour may backfire on you and they may develop trust issues or other types of problems, that will handicap them more instead and get in their way to success.

Bottom line:

Parenthood can be a complicated and tricky journey. All that matters is that as a parent you do all that you can to raise your kids the right way and to offer them all that you have to offer, in addition to all your love and support.

In the end, growing up poor is a difficult journey, but there are many people who have managed to make it in life despite their circumstances. This is also due to the fact that these people will have nothing to lose anyway, and will put their all into reaching their dreams and goals to make sure Tham and their loved ones are never in a situation like that again.

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