Top 3 biggest turn-offs for men and women


Attraction is not just about physical appearance but there are huge psychological factors that can turn off a person. There are some people who work hard to create a flawless persona that captures others’ attention, but others do not care about how they act, their hygiene or similar details. These details can turn out to be a big turn-off or even deal-breakers in the dating scene and even in relationships.

The top turn-offs for women when it comes to men include a guy who is too muscular, has a weird body odour, does not wear deodorant, has bad breath, scruffy bread or sometimes no beard at all or looks like he’s trying too hard, etc. More turn-offs on a deeper level can be getting caught in a lie, over-exaggerating things or stories, being cheap, lacking manner, etc.

On the other hand, the greatest turn-offs for men are: 1. being ignored 2. not being listened to 3. not feeling needed 4. not getting enough attention 5. feeling like a nuisance.

So what are the most popular turn-offs:

1) Lack of physical attraction:

In a recent survey, 69% of respondents revealed that they would not date anyone who was less attractive than them.

The study also showed that men are more likely to be turned off by an unattractive partner. A whopping 66% of the men surveyed said they would not date someone who was less attractive than them and 56% said they wouldn’t date someone who was older than them.

Whether it’s with a partner or not, people want to see the person they’re dating as the epitome of beauty. However, beauty can be a subjective topic that’s why there’s no need to worry about not being someone’s cup of tea or idea of beautiful.

In the end, you will be surprised to find out that more than a few people would be interested in your looks if you took care of yourself and were presentable enough. We all have our turn-offs, and when it comes to dating, we tend to gravitate towards people who are attractive but also clean and well-groomed which bring us to the next point:

2) A poor hygiene:

An unfortunate turn off is when someone smells bad all throughout the date. A quick trip to get a shave at one’s barber and a shower before heading out on date, will go a long way in making everyone feel more comfortable. Also don’t forget to use perfume and brush your teeth to eliminate bad breath.

A good and thorough morning regimen of brushing teeth, flossing the tongue, gargling with mouthwash and brushing the tongue will be a good habit to get into. It wouldn’t harm if it was combined with a trip to the dentist every month for any person suffering from bad breath.

Improper hygiene is something that will make you turn your nose up. This can lead to bad breath, weight gain, acne, and other diseases that show and make you unattractive.

Other reported tun-offs that can be inserted in this category are; bad body odour, women with visibly hairy legs, faces or underarms, and stained or smelly clothes.

3) Attitude:

After years of scientific research, psychologists have concluded that people are turned off by the tone of your voice, body language and how much eye contact you make.

Body language is the first thing that people notice about you. It matters because if you’re not making a good impression from the start, it can be difficult to gain any ground throughout the conversation.

Turning off someone before they even get to know you is arguably one of the most effective ways to ruin a conversation. The biggest turn-off for a person is an attitude that says “I don’t care about what you’re saying.”

Other turn-offs:

Another big possible turn-off is someone who seems too eager or desperate to date. They want to “get into your pants” as quickly as possible, which signals that they are not looking for a serious relationship.

Turn-offs vary depending on the context of the relationship. Some people just don’t like too much arrogance, while others are turned off by too much clinginess. These are all things that can be determined by talking to a potential partner and getting to know them before making a commitment.

In order to weed out these turn-offs, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of who your date is and what they want out of meeting you.

Tips to have a successful first date:

It is never too late to change your habits and improve yourself, if you think you may be doing something that can turn someone off. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you’re not making any famous faux-pas when meeting new people.

1) Take care of your body: start with a shower and brushing your teeth before leaving the house

2) Don’t smell like you work at a fast food joint: use deodorant, stay away from bus stops, don’t eat fast food

3) Do some research (online or offline) on the person that you’re planning to date

4) Don’t talk about yourself too much

5) Stay away from offensive topics

6) Avoid talking about how much money you make or don’t make

Bottom line:

There are two types of turn-offs when it comes to dating: physical and personality. Physical turns offs range from being overweight, balding, or having a bad smell. Personality turns offs are those concerning attitude, rudeness, and bad manners.

Behavioural turn-offs or personality ones can also include ignoring your date, being too serious and avoiding eye contact.

Make sure you look your best and be on your best behaviour, this way nothing can go wrong.

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