Does eating salad really help you lose weight ?

lose weight with salads

A healthy diet is critical for weight loss. But many people struggle to stay on track, and it’s hard to understand which foods are good for you. Salads, for example, are a great way to get full on vegetables and feel satiated, rather than on more caloric options.

If you listen to your body and know what type of salad is likely to serve your needs better at different points of the day, then you can manage to follow an efficient diet and lose weight easily. You will be able to live a healthier life if you understand how many calories are in each type of salad and how nutritious each can be.

There are so many and endless types of salads in today’s world from a cold pasta salad, vegetables salad, chicken caesar salad, a tuna salad or even a couscous salad, etc. We should make sure we know which one to go for every time and we’ll never crave junk food again.

This way we can make informed decisions about which salad to choose accordingly with how hungry we are!

Can salads really help you lose weight ?

The key to weight loss is eating a healthy and balanced meal. Salads are a great way to achieve this goal because they are not only low in calories, but also high in fiber, water, vitamins and minerals.

Although salads can be eaten at any point of the day, it is typically recommended that they be eaten before meals because they can help to fill you up and prevent overeating. This is because the only way salads can help you in your quest for a slimmer waist is by following the rules below:

3 Conditions to lose weight with salads:

1) “No dressing, please” :

Here is a simple tip that will help you figure out how much dressing an individual salad needs: The average person should use one tablespoon of dressing per salad; this is equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon per plate. However, it will be better if you use none!

Sauces or salad dressings can easily double or triple the amount of calories you’re getting. In turn this will make you gain weight rather than lose it, even if you were only feeding on salads.

Salads are generally low in calories and filling up on them can keep you satiated for hours. They also provide an array of nutrients that will help you stay active and healthy as well as have enough energy for the day. There are some people that enjoy eating them but are not looking to lose weight. They want to get the nutrients and stay healthy. In this way adding sauces or dressings won’t be an issue.

A salad dressing that adds taste but also a significant amount of calories could be perfect for people looking to gain weight or maintain their current weight, by adding extra calories without having to eat more food overall.

2) Only if it fills you up enough to skip the bad food choices:

As part of a healthy lifestyle, many people incorporate salads into their diet. In addition to being full and satiating, salads provide many health benefits like being rich in water and nutrients that help you lose weight.

Salad is one of the fastest growing food trends in the US with over $2 billion sold in 2014. However, if people were eating salads the right way then we will be seeing a decrease in the obesity rate rather than a continuous increase. And, one of the ways to eat a salad the wrong way is to only add its calories to whatever your ere going to eat that day anyway.

In other words, a big filling salad is supposed to replace your junk food lunch or fast food meal. If you’re going to have a salad then still feel unsatisfied with its taste or still overeat and snack on horrible gluttonous foods, then what’s the point ?!

Eating a salad can only do so much to keep you satisfied and full. That’s why you should make sure you’re having your daily dose of water for the day too, so that you don’t get dehydrated nor mistake thirst for hunger!

Either way, eating two full plates of salad is probably better, more nutritious and less caloric than half a cheesy pepperoni pizza, for instance. So do the math and plan accordingly if you want to lose weight!

3) Only if you pick the right salad:

Like explained earlier, there are various types and types… and types of salads! Nowadays, almost any restaurant you go to will have the traditional types of salads that we all know; plus a few ones that they added or made up in that place.

No matter how many dishes and cold meals you find to be labelled as “salads”, be careful to know what each contains and what ingredients are less caloric and healthy and which ones are not.

If a “salad” is a hot cheesy meal, then it’s probably not really a salad. If it has less vegetables than anything else, then it can be a salad still, but maybe not a very good choice to lose weight. Either way, salads are still expected to be less caloric than anything else on the menu.

If not sure just ask clearly for the ingredients you like to be put together in a plate, for example: avocado, greek cheese, boiled potatoes and cucumbers, etc. Rather than give in and go for a less nutritious and greasier type of food!

Trying a pasta salad or more caloric types of salads is not a crime either, but this should not become your go-to healthy option nor the salad you eat the most. For more clarification; In a “salads diet” where you eat one everyday, it will be safe to consider a “pasta salad” a treat, let’s say!

Bottom line:

Salads are good for your health and they can help you to lose weight, provided that you respect the rules listed above. This is because salads are full of vegetables that fill you up and make you feel satisfied.

Salads also supply water to your body which is important for hydration. The vegetables in the salad will help to flush out the toxins in your body, if you have lots of vegetables in salads, it can make you feel full and satiated.

Some people love salads because they are filled with a variety of flavors that really appeal to people’s tastebuds.

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