Can crying help you get over something painful ?

is crying good or bad

Although it is a common human response, crying is not always considered healthy. But there are benefits to crying because it can help you move on from your sadness and get over something in a quick manner.

There’s no denying that crying does have its benefits. However, many people worry about the potential psychological effects of crying for too long.

The body produces tears as a natural response to emotional distress and stress, which means crying occasionally when something went out of your control is probably beneficial. However, crying every day over every detail of life can be harmful. If you genuinely are in a difficult or toxic situation that makes you very sad and makes you cry every day, then it is probably better to try and get yourself out of it as soon as possible.

Is crying good for us?

Crying is a universal language to express sadness or at least express the initial shock of a bad or horrible situation or life event. It is also one of the most powerful ways to release emotions like sadness and guilt. Other people tend to feel compassion for tears ad they’re interpreted as an expression of sorrow and regret.

When we are sad, crying can help to release pressure and let out emotions. There are many benefits of crying which include finding relief from grief and sadness, reducing stress, increasing happiness, and working through trauma. 

Crying in moderation can be a good way of relieving oneself from pressure and overwhelming emotions. It’s been scientifically proven that crying helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Crying is not just an emotional release, but a way to get over sadness. It is also a therapeutic practice that helps us move on and live in the present. It can be beneficial because it helps us get over the sadness we have been carrying with us for so long. Crying also helps to ease stress and allows our body to express its emotions in a healthy manner.

it has been scientifically proven that crying can be good for your health. It increases the level of oxytocin and lowers blood pressure.

Crying can be bad:

The negative effects of crying can be limited if one is able to quickly move on from the event that caused them to cry in the first place, or if they have other methods for reducing stress such as exercise or meditation.

Crying is not always a bad thing. Crying can release a lot of negative energy and emotions. It can also be a cathartic experience for some people that might be overwhelming. However, crying too much can become a real problem when you stop yourself from moving on or if the stress doesn’t go away.

People should try to move on as soon as possible after a sad incident rather than hold onto their feelings for too long. They should also not let the incident affect their mood for long periods of time or else they will start to experience unnecessary risks such as illnesses and an impact on their mental health.

Testimony from a reader:

One of our loyal readers in fact has demanded an article of this sort. J, 60 years old, has reported that being a cancer survivor comes with many implications and lifelong consequences.

She reported that the most unexpected one and the one she wants to warn people about is having developed big and noticeable under-eye bags that formed during the period of time when she was crying a lot.

She insists that in her experience what caused the big sacks under her eyes to form and become a permanent feature of hers, at a relatively young age was too much crying when she found out about her sickness.

However, no research or study was conducted to confirm the correlation between bags under the eyes and crying. This is a singular testimony received by one of our readers and her individual experience. She wanted to warn others that crying for an extended period of time can only be harmful both physically and mentally.

She also encourages people to be brave and stand strong in the face of different tests that life may throw at them because crying doesn’t change anything in the end. It should only be used as a short-term way of coping with trauma or disastrous experiences and news rather than a long-term solution because it is not and will never be.

Is it bad to cry yourself to sleep?

Crying yourself to sleep once in a blue moon because you broke up with your partner of two years, or because you have lost your job is okay. It can help you comfort yourself and relieve any pressure, negative emotions, and emotional or mental pain.

However, if it becomes a habit then it is necessary that you seek professional help or therapy about it. Whatever the reason for your tears is and even if there’s no valid reason and you’re just feeling that way; then it is still worth a visit to a professional.

Bottom line:

Being sad or crying too often can cause you to become anxious, which can then lead to other health problems like anxiety, insecurity, low confidence, and mental health issues.

Crying usually comes as an unwanted response when we are feeling sad or when we are grieving the death of someone close to us. It is not bad or unhealthy in moderation unless it becomes an everyday occurrence.

It can also be used as a coping mechanism against pain or discomfort, for a short period of time after the first or initial state of shock that comes after receiving bad news or after a horrible life event.

Learning to control your emotions and to deal with anger and sadness with meditation and breathing exercises can only be beneficial and avoid frequent episodes of distress and meltdowns.

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