The dangers of having a victim mentality or mindset

victim mentality

The victim mindset is a common type of manipulation, in which the victim acts as if they have been wronged, when in fact no crime has been committed. It’s a way of trying to elicit sympathy or compassion from an audience.

People with a victim mindset typically have a thinking that revolves around blaming others behind their backs and victimhood. They are looking for sympathy and attention that they cannot get without dramatising their lives in a negative way.

This type of mindset can lead to risky behaviours such as; secretly wanting to get a terrible illness or wanting to be in a dire situation, so that others can feel bad for them and give them care and attention.

What’s worse is that this sort of people most often have a negative and unhealthy thinking that will make them lazy and unproductive which will worsen their situation more every day. They will find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle and will most likely call themselves “unlucky”. Check out this article about how being “unlucky” can just be the product and result of being a pessimistic person.

What does it mean to have a victim mindset ?

The victim mindset is a psychological theory that describes the actions and thoughts of a person who perceives themselves as being mistreated or victimized by someone or something.

The victim mindset can be seen in many ways. It can be seen through things like unwarranted guilt, paranoia, or even entitlement. Victims often see their situation as being unfair and will likely continue to blame others for their misfortune, which only fuels their problems.

A victim mindset is when you can’t seem to get out of your head; the fact that you’re constantly being wronged by someone or even by your fate. Some could argue that a similar person may be begging for sympathy and compassion and looking for attention.

How to spot a person with a victim mindset ?

Fishing for sympathy can sometimes backfire in some ways, because others may start feeling like they’re being taken advantage of, when the alleged victim keep asking them for help and support or implying that they should do something. It’s important for others to be able spot a freeloader, user and manipulative person of this type.

One way of spotting one can be when you notice that someone has been complaining for decades about negative matters, even when their life situation changes. Even when they went through different life phases of being single, having married, having had small babies that grew into kids and then adults, the person with a victim mindset would’ve been unhappy in every chapter of their life.

Whenever you met them or spoke to them they’d complain about too many problems and how their life is a nightmare regardless of how many years will pass and how many changes will occur. The one consistent change in their lives would be that you will never see them happy, positive, grateful or content with their situation.

Negative people or those with a victim mindset can drain all the positivity in your life and cause you to feel exhausted spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Check out our article about how to develop a positive mindset and this one about why you may want to consider doing that, away from all negativity.

The consequences of having a victim mindset:

People that victimise themselves focus on what they are lacking and how bad their life is. They find it easy to blame others for their problems, which leads to entitlement, complacency and an unwillingness to change or grow.

This type of thinking is not healthy in any way and causes more harm than good. If you want to move on with your life, it’s important that you try to look at things in a different light.

It could create an entire sense of entitlement that makes people feel like they should always be getting something from someone without actually putting in any effort in return. These people may go as far as start to think that it’s their right to obtain what they want by hook or crook, and that they are allowed to do anything to get it. This is what causes resentment and anger that leads to bullying, violence, and even murder.

Bottom line:

Even though some say there are benefits of having a victim mentality, like stopping others from asking for favours from us as they will understand that we’re already suffering enough and cannot gather to their needs, this type of thinking can become toxic.

As such, it’s always important to accept where you are in life and what you have accomplished with the skills that you currently have. Regret is one thing, being hurt by one person is another thing but complaining for life about how you are so powerless and in a horrible situation can end up causing bad mental health problems and deep sadness.

Plus, the more you believe in being this type of unlucky victim the more it will bring and attract negativity and more suffering into your life. That’s because you will not be focused on making any positive changes in your life nor or changing you situation but you would’ve given up to it and resorted to crying and whining about it instead.

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