Why worrying about the future is silly and absurd

worrying about future

There are many people who are worried about the future and what it will bring. As a consequence, they spend their time worrying instead of planning for it. In order to have a better future, we should not worry about it but rather worry about our present and what we’re doing in it to ensure that we have a good future.

Worrying is often a waste of time. Nobody knows what the future holds and as such, no one can be sure that things will go well or bad. All we can do is control the things and factors that are within our power and that can affect the future. However, we should also have a clear understanding about how external factors cannot be controlled.

External factors might come at you from any direction, when you least expect them and change all your plans. That’s why we should never spend too much time planning meticulously and worrying about what will happen next or 5 years from now.

We should learn to live in the present moment, and enjoy our health, youth, what we have now and the people in our lives now. Practicing mindfulness can turn out to be extremely beneficial in making you focus on the present moment, in a positive way. Check out this article about how to practice mindfulness and how it can help you.

The consequences of too much worrying about the future:

While planning is important in life and in business, there is no point in worrying or being paralysed by fear of what could go wrong. We should do what we can and plan accordingly and leave the rest to our circumstances and external factors that can occur.

We cannot control the external factors that will impact our life, but we can plan and reduce the risk of what could go wrong. Once we do that then worrying will be absurd and only cause negative consequences in the present and future too possibly!

Few of these consequences are as follow:

1) Anxiety and affecting your mental health:

Anxiety about the future is something that we all deal with from time to time. We start to worry about the potential consequences of a problem that we don’t have much control over. The reality is that there are no benefits in doing so.

Either way, the end goal is to try taking care of yourself while going through tough times, if you cannot stop worrying. However, be aware that the consequences of worrying about the future are a lot more damaging than you might think. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress.

Worrying about the future is not always bad. It’s a natural human response but people who do it too often and about the same exact topic or idea every time, are not doing themselves any favours.

2) Ruining relationships in the present:

By worrying too much about your relationships with some people in the future, you may be impacting the present and leading your worse worries to come true indeed. Your worries about the future may make you act in a specific way today that will affect the future in a bad way anyway.

For instance, if you’re worried about how a person could betray you or betray your trust in the future you may start treating them horribly based on this assumption.

You actions towards them in the present will then play an important role in making all your worries come true in the future, and making them betray you, indeed just as a reaction. This way you’ll be the one to blame for why your previous worries came to life and how they ended up betraying you anyway because you caused them to suffer based on pointless and invalid fears.

Another example could be how a mother-in-law apprehends or expects her new daughter-in-law to cut her out of her son’s life, so she may be treating her horribly when she first meets her. In this case, the mother-in-law’ actions that came from her worries about the future will cause the daughter-in-law to cut her out indeed, as soon as she gets a chance. This is how you actions in the present inevitably affect the future.

This way you understand how your worries of today can lead you to create your own misery and the horrible outcome that you’re so worried about anyway.

3) Not enjoying the present:

Many of us spend too much time worrying about the future and not enough time enjoying the present. If you’re worried about your future, then you might not be enjoying your present. 

Being anxious about the future is not a good habit to develop because it can cause many problems in life. Many people end up ignoring their present because they are fixated on what might happen in the future.

In the end, There are always uncertainties to deal with and it’s easy for the mind to wander and wonder about the possibilities of what could happen in the future. However, you shouldn’t let your worries take away from the current happiness that you have.

The benefits of living in the present moment:

Not worrying about the future will help us be more patient, less stressed, and better at accepting things as they are. In short, it can make us happier.

The past has taught us that worrying doesn’t always make things better. In fact, it can often make things worse by making us anxious or paranoid which causes other problems to crop up later on down the line. It is important to know what to understand that worries are just worries, unless we start acting irrationally because go them, and to not let them cloud our judgement.

Bottom line:

The best way to improve our outlook on life is by always thinking about what we have today – our family and friends. By focusing on today, we can reduce anxiety about the future by remembering that what we are worried about might not happen in reality.

We also need to stop being so afraid of change. This means that instead of fighting change and trying to hold onto things that will eventually disappear, we should embrace it and quickly adapt.

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