Why is your stomach growling and how to stop it

stomach growling

One thing that may make us cringe is the sound of our stomach gurgling. This sound is a sign of the stomach digestion process and it signals that we are full and digesting our food or that we need to eat something. Sometimes though, stomach noises can be so loud that they can make us feel uncomfortable.

 As we get older, our stomachs make even more noises.  This was only ever thought of as something that older people may be prone to do – but it can happen to anyone.  The stomach noise is actually a fairly harmless noise but it’s true that it can be pretty annoying at times.

Why it can be annoying:

The intestines are the body’s digestive organ. They take in food and digest it. The problem with this process is that they will sometimes go on a rampage and produce a lot of noise.

As we all know, when the stomach or intestines starts to make noise, it is time for food to be eaten! This can cause problems when we’re around others, as the noises can become too loud or embarassing.

What kind of stomach noise is it?

There are different kinds of stomach noises. Some are directly caused by digestion and some aren’t. We can have different noises depending on the type of food we eat.

It might be a sudden, loud bing or a constant, soft click sound that lasts for a minute or two. The sound produced could also be a combination of these two types, depending on what caused them in the first place.

How to stop stomach noises ?

There are different reasons, why stomach makes noise. It is something that we don’t really like and there are ways of controlling it. This section offers suggestions for those who have stomach noise and also discusses some best practices to control it as much as we can.

When we eat, digestive enzymes in our stomachs break down the food that we have eaten. As a result, we produce more waste products, which is why our tummy can start making noises during the process.

When the stomach starts doing that, it could sometimes be sending us signs to reduce our fizzy drinks intake or trying to tell us that it contains too much gas. A good diet, medication and self control will help you avoid these gut noises, but if these things aren’t enough for you, there are things that can be done to prevent them from happening:

Eat slowly & don’t skip a meal:

If your body constantly makes digestive noises, then it is time to change your eating habits. You should eat slowly and carefully. Eating too fast can cause the stomach to growl and upset the digestive system.

Also, if you are walking around on an empty stomach, you may make a lot of noise too so make sure you don’t skip breakfast! Check out this article to learn about the importance of having breakfast.

Take a sip of cold water:

The solution for this problem and to quickly calm your tummy down could be to take a sip of cold water, as soon as you notice this problem. This could help your stomach understand that food may becoming soon enough or it could help reduce your stress if that’s what’s causing the noise.

Go for a walk:

The intestines have a capacity to absorb most substances. But when an intestine is full of various substances, it generates intestinal noise due to the high absorptive capacity and the lower capacity for absorption. That’s why you should think about going for a walk to help the digestion process.

So if you just took a bite or had a full big meal, but still hear the noise, then think about going for a walk or some form of very light exercise. This way you won’t risk messing up your stomach more.

Try to de-stress:

Stress is a major cause of discomfort for many people. It is a physiological response to perceived threat or danger. The nervous system interprets danger as an urgent need to escape, so the body prepares for fight-or-flight mode by releasing hormones and other chemicals.

Sometimes these chemicals can cause our stomach to rumble. So a good way to stop this from happening could simply be to try and de-stress. Check out our article about how to reduce stress in 5 ways and stop overthinking.

Bottom line:

We should always be mindful of our body’s inner organs and make sure that we have a healthy digestion system.

The intestines growl when we are stressed, feel uncomfortable or have eaten something that has upset us. Sometimes it can even happen when we are just sitting quietly on the couch eating a sandwich. If you feel like you can’t control your intestines, or the noise they make, then remember that it’s okay and natural.

Commenting on stomach noises is what’s unnatural and it is even considered bad manners in many cultures. So if someones feels annoyed or makes it known that your gut noise is bothering them then they’re the weirdo, not you!

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