3 reasons to love yourself more


In today’s world, we are surrounded by so much negativity. And so many people have been brainwashed into believing that putting extremely high expectations on themselves and working very hard and under a lot of stress can lead to success eventually.

However, what is the point of success when it takes a toll on our mental health to get it ? Or when it leads to self-negligence or even self-loathing ?

Self-love is a very important thing for us as humans. We should learn to love ourselves through stress, through sadness, happiness and goodness too. In order to feel good about ourselves, we need to know that we are valuable beings.

We should value ourselves and do our best to have not only a better future, but to be in a happy mood and mental state to be able enjoy it.

3 Reasons for self-love:

The biggest reason why people don’t feel good about themselves is because they don’t love themselves enough. Treating yourself might be one of the most effective ways to get love back in your life.

And, here are few reasons as to why you should cherish and love yourself through it all. A few reasons to love yourself and treat yourself with a massage or bubble bath tonight: 

1- Nobody else will do it:

Nobody else will love you that much or take care of you the way you will, it or at least you don’t have to wait for them to do it. Our body is our most important resource. We mustn’t overlook it and should do our best to keep it in top condition.

Our body is literally our vehicle of life in this world and without it we won’t even exist anymore. This is why we should make sure it is not only capable of performing every function, but that it is in good health and mood too. If we don’t take care of our body and treat it right and pamper it, then who else would ?

Nobody else can save you from yourself, no matter how much they try, because you’re literally the only one real guardian that is responsible to do everything for your mental and physical wellbeing. You’re the only one who can know when you’re hungry, when you need a break and when you need to cheer up or deserve a treat!

So do not hesitate to do it all for yourself whenever you feel like it!

2- it affects your entire life positively:

Self-love affects our overall health, happiness and success in life. Self-love can be defined as the way you feel about yourself, which will result in a positive effect on your behaviour and attitude towards life in general.

By promoting positive thoughts in our life, we affect our future and makes it more likely to be better. Without positive thoughts, we will not be able to achieve the kind of success we wish for.

Positive thoughts about our self, efforts, hard work and who we are as a person are always a result of self-love and they can shape the way we act and how optimistic we are, which in turn makes us ambitious and hard working. It is all a cycle of positivity that starts from self-love and goes as far as to make us have a good future or a horrible one, accordingly of how we think.

Positive thinking and self-love are closely related, both a key part for making sure that our life goes smoothly and continues to flourish. It boosts our self-esteem and pushes us to move forward and confidently in life.

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3- It affects your mental health positively:

In a society where self-loathing is prevalent and the media has been focusing on enhancing our negative qualities, or what’s bad about us compared to others, the rise of self-love can be a positive development.

Due to social media and how everyone is busy comparing themselves to others nowadays, it can become very difficult to find positive details in our lives and about ourselves. It can definitely be a hard task to focus on what’s going great for us rather than what’s going wrong.

This is why we can achieve the best possible mental health by cultivating self-love and being content with ourselves and what we achieved, instead of looking at others and envying them. Check out our article about the deference between jealousy and envy.

Bottom line:

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the negative cycle of self-loathing. Habits are quite useful when it comes to implementing long time resolutions for healthier lifestyle. A few self-love habits could include buying and using scented candles to relax the mind, taking a bubble bath, reading a book or booking a professional massage.

By doing these routines weekly, we will be able to take a break from the stress that comes with work or life in general and to affect our future positively.

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