Causes of a midlife crisis and how to stop one

midlife crisis

The midlife crisis is a part of life that many men and women go through. It is characterized by the feeling of being overwhelmed by their responsibilities and the exhaustion that comes with not having enough time to devote to themselves.

In today’s world, there are many people that may have difficulties changing or adapting or even keeping up with their duties and responsibilities as a middle aged person.

When you’re married, have kids and a beautiful happy family, everything looks perfect. From a distance or on the outside you look like you have your life together, that’s why it may be confusing or surprising to others when people experience a midlife crisis.

It is always the people that have been so good for so long that experience something like this, so when they start acting out of character, it all looks like an unbelievable dream to everyone involved.

Today, we present you 5 signs to recognise a midlife crisis and understand when you or someone you love are going through one.

What causes a midlife crisis ?

At some point in your life, you might find yourself going through a midlife crisis. Whether it’s because of work, family, health or simply because of time pressure and stress. This can be a very stressful time in your life. In fact it may affect the lives of people around you, too.

This usually happens around a time when the person starts thinking that they have achieved everything they ever wanted and that there’s nothing else to aspire to or to want from life. This is why it could be around a seemingly peaceful and happy time in their lives, where nothing was going wrong. They have everything they ever wanted; from a nice loving family to financial stability and maybe even the love and devotion of an amazing spouse.

At this stage, people feel like they lack excitement or change in their perfect lives and routines. They may feel like even though everything is happy and glittery maybe they don’t want it to be that way. They want to be more engaged or active or to have their plate full with problems to solve or something more meaningful to keep them busy.

Instead of taking a wild trip with their spouse to a deserted island or creating a crazy experience that could revive their excitement about life, they find themselves instead having a midlife crisis.

A midlife crisis could actually not only ruin their life, family and everything that they have, which they seem not to understand the value of or be grateful for, but it could actually end up in very bad situation.

Another cause for a midlife crisis:

The midlife crisis mostly happens when you start to feel that your life is getting too settled and monotonous. But, it could also happen when you find yourself unable to keep up with your responsibilities, your career or even your personal life.

Sometimes when people are on the verge of failing to keep everything together in their lives, they’ll go through midlife crisis and ruin it all even faster. That’s because they don’t want to fail at life, at least not when they’re trying so hard to keep everything working.

So, instead they’d rather fail and not feel like they were trying much anymore but that they contributed to destroy it all instead. This will make them feel like they’re in control and that anything they failed at could’ve been a success, if they wanted it to be or if they tried harder. So it won’t be a big punch to their ego and self-esteem when they fail.

How to stop a midlife crisis:

If one is going through a midlife crisis they probably think that nothing can be changed anymore, that they acquire all they ever wanted and that life looks so boring and stale all of a sudden.

The solution could be as simple as to get out of this situation by doing something different, or being proactive and making changes to your life. Another thing to try is to travel more and experience a change of scenery and culture with your loved ones or spouse, in order to create positive change around you.

A third possibility is to put the person suffering from the crisis in a thrilling situation or life-changing experience where it looks like their life is endangered when it’s not. This could be like embracing some type of dangerous sport or thrilling hobby like mountain climbing with professionals or parachuting.

This is because the person suffering from the crisis can only realise the greatness of their current life and how much they should be grateful for it; when they come close to feeling like they could lose it all.

Bottom line:

To be more productive and thrive in the modern world, we need to take care of ourselves.

We should look after ourselves and our mental health. For example, a midlife crisis is a common condition which makes us feel as though we are aging too fast and that we’re not living our lives to the fullest. We feel rushed to change something or fix the situation or to do something erratic fast to enjoy life more.

In the end, it is noteworthy that we just end up hurting ourselves, our loved ones and ruining what we had that we couldn’t be grateful for or appreciate enough.

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