How to clear your mind before studying or working

clear mind

The most important thing you must do before studying is to clear your mind. Without it, you will not be able to focus on the task at hand.

Researchers have found that the way we study can impact our performance. The more organised our thoughts are, the higher the chance of us doing well. However, the way to organise our thoughts can be to clear our mind before we start!

Either way do not panic: this is a very common problem that all students face at some point in their lives. Some of them are more prone to this than others. It is important to find a way to make sure that you don’t get distracted during the study process and not to let your mind wander.

Making sure our mind is clear and organised will give us a better and efficient opportunity to study. To achieve just that try doing the following:

3 ways to clear your mind before studying or working:

1- Set a deadline for yourself:

When you are busy trying to focus and study, you may not notice that little futile distractions may occupy you for hours. Sometimes your mind may get stuck on something and you can’t focus properly on the task at hand.

When we study, we do not have time to think about everything that we have learned. Therefore, it is important to set a deadline for yourself as soon as possible and focus on what is most important in the given period of time. This will help us to prioritize our studies and make sure that we accomplish all of them before the deadline arrives.

When you start studying, you may find it hard to study at your scheduled time and deadline. You may also find it difficult to focus on certain parts of your subject without getting distracted by other things in the course of your studies.

All these problems can be solved by setting a reward or little treat that you will promise yourself, only and only if you do the required task of you before the set deadline. Setting a deadline and reward or incentive is important because it will help you to prioritise what you need to do next so that you can do it all and finish sooner rather than later.

2- Turn off your room or put it in a different room:

When you are studying, your mind is full of distractions. Put away your phone, put away your tablet and just focus on what is important.

It’s important to get away from your phone, social media and all the forms of internet if you’re not gonna need it for your study session. Clear your head of all the noise, distractions and thoughts that come with the use of social media, YouTube or the internet in general.

Digital distractions are all around us. By turning off your phone, social media, and disconnecting from the real and digital world, you will be able to focus on what you need to do for at least a good couple of hours.

3- A tidy space does make for a clearer mind:

The perfect living space should be a place where you can focus all your energy on work. It should be a place that is calm, organised and spacious.

We, as humans, like to live in a way where we can keep everything tidy and presentable, as it helps with our mental health. Some people realise this and just cannot stand to live around a pile of mess, but other don’t.

There are many types of organised spaces that are kept clean, spacious and almost empty. These spaces have been proven to help us concentrate or study and learn better, such as libraries or museums. A library is a perfect example of an orderly space that promotes learning through better mind clarity.

Libraries are usually big spaces that are full of books and that have book shelves that are neatly arranged with the appropriate titles for each shelf; there is no clutter anywhere! This makes it very easy for people to find what they need, when they need it and carry on with their work without losing their train of thoughts.

This is to say that a clean and tidy living space is a key factor; in how we can focus on what is important. It makes us feel comfortable, focused and even confident in our knowledge and capacities. When we are sitting in a messy room trying to study or come up with the next best idea that will revolutionise the world, it will just be too difficult as we feel disorganised, distracted by the mess and even unproductive.

A tidy living space can also help us concentrate on what matters the most. That’s because a clean and empty environment will reflect on our mind and hence it will also be empty, filtered and solely focused on your priories and the task at hand.

Let’s face it, we all have times when we feel like a mess. We don’t always need to be obsessively organised or tidy, in order to feel more organised or productive. However, if you find it difficult to focus then keep in mind that a cleaner and emptier space may help a lot!

Make sure all your basic needs are met:

If you’re hungry, very sleepy, or in urgent need of using the restroom; chances are you’re not going to be able to focus and do the work within the set deadline. Make sure that all your needs are met before you sit and start your study session.

Also, make sure you don’t go on an entire world tour and spend 7 hours for your restroom break. Check the time before you go to the restroom and after you’re back to make sure you didn’t take more than a 10 minutes break, at most.

Bottom line:

As human beings, we need to clear our minds before we can learn something. We create knowledge not by merely memorising information as this won’t work at all and will all be forgotten the next day, but through the process of understanding and learning. 

To achieve excellence in our studies, we have to focus on having good study and revision sessions at home. This can be achieved by clearing our mind before attempting to revise or learn something new!

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