How to help your kids be smarter & more alert

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Kids are smart to some extent but they need to be taught to be better at paying attention, thinking critically and to solve problems in original ways. They need more stimulation in order to learn new stuff and think deeper. It is a great problem to have as teachers or parents when kids cannot focus well enough or think for themselves and solve problems.

That’s because the parents or teachers will have to follow them around at all times and make sure they don’t make a mistake or have an accident, that could hurt them or endanger their health and wellbeing. Kids are hard to manage as it is, and when they lack attention, curiosity and focus they become a lot harder to handle. 

Given that, developing an interactive game that helps kids to tackle their problems while they are still young is not a difficult task. There are many educational toys out there that you can select accordingly with your kids’ ages and offer them to play with them. These toys can keep them entertained and help stimulate their brains and sensory systems at the same time.

For example, the idea of a sensory kit is to give kids a chance to experience and learn new things through activities that involve touch, sound, smell and sometimes taste.

How to help your kids’ be more intelligent:

It is an exciting time to be a parent. With the advancement of technology, children are growing up in a world where they can do anything on their own. This has also led to the rise of so-called “smart homes”, where parents can control the functions of the home through their gadgets and smartphones or tablet apps.

This way they can ensure that their children are safe and entertained during their playtime.

But what about games and toys that can help grow their potential, emotional intelligence and critical thinking ? Are they ways that we can guide our kids today to have a meaningful educational playtime and stay entertained at the same time as they are learning to solve problems and think outside the box ?

1- Sensory kits to develop your kids’ intelligence and critical thinking:

Kids need help to understand and apply new concepts, acquire skills and solve problems. The best way to achieve this is by providing them with a learning system that helps them learn faster and better than they would otherwise be able to do.

A sensory kit can do just that! It is a collection of tools that can be used to stimulate the senses. The idea is that a frequent use of the senses will lead to better memories, and good memories will lead to better learning.

Indeed a sensory kit, also known as a sensory toy, is an aid for children to increase their cognitive and emotional intelligence. These toys are used to help kids develop their imagination and creativity. It could be a collection of individual entertaining items for children to experience. 

Sensory kits for kids allow children to explore and learn about the world around them in an interactive way. With their own sensory system, children are able to: play with different tools, take part in experiments using different materials, try to put them together, solve-problems and be motivated to think outside the box.

Sensory kits or boxes help us to learn, relax and be entertained. If we are not taught to use our senses properly, it is difficult for us to understand the world around us fast. Sensory toys can also help people with autism, learning disabilities or ADHD.

Creating children’s adventures and games through sensory kits would allow kids to have fun, while learning about science, technology and developing new skills. They can allow parents or caretakers also to have fun by playing and supervising the kids during this time while providing something that helps the children’s senses to function at their best

2- other toys that help with kids’ intelligence:

Learning games are a great way to make children learn new things. They help them develop cognitive skills and at the same time increase their emotional intelligence.

Toys like Legos, and games like puzzles, are also popular in the field of educational toys and materials for children. They stimulate the senses, and help kids to understand different types of possibilities and what could result from their actions.

This way, they are encouraged to solve-problems, experiment and try different possibilities until they reach a satisfactory outcome.

Bottom line:

Kids need to develop their skills in a way that will keep them engaged and productive. They need to become curious and to have new experiences in a safe environment to be forced to think more.

Sensory kits and educational toys are great tools to help kids develop their skillset and thankfully; they are gradually becoming more available and accessible to any parent.

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