How to slim down your waist in 4 Steps ?


Many people manage to lose weight and still find it hard to lose their bloated tummy or correct their apple body shape. That’s because once the belly fat forms it can be hard to get rid of. Belly fat is more stubborn and simply refuses to leave peacefully or without a fight.

Losing fat there can be a lot of work, but the payoff is so great that it makes all the effort worthwhile. This is because reducing your waist size is directly linked to more satisfaction with your self-image, increased energy, and a reduced risk of certain health conditions.

Whatever the reason you seek to reduce your waist size, you must be able to do it properly. Lucky for you, this article can help. Carry on reading and make good use of the tips below!

1- Create an exercise routine to call your own:

Create an exercise routine and commit to it. To ensure you don’t get bored and abandon your exercise routine, mix heavy exercise with something you enjoy. For example, dancing, listening to a playlist you love or watching your favorite series. And don’t forget: your routine must be regular and rigorous.

Waist fat requires some more focused and heavier exercises, so make sure you stay excited and focused until the end. 

The best results for this type of goal are achieved with the following exercises:

  • Yoga (minimum 12 weeks of intense workout);
  • Planks (minimum 30 seconds every day; you must add some time to each attempt);
  • Standing oblique crunch (feel free to go overboard here, several repetitions of this exercise a day is the least you should do);
  • HIIT aka High-Intensity Interval Training (focus on eliminating abdominal fat exercises; you find 8, 15, 30, and 45-minute exercise videos).

Want something to intersperse with these heavier activities? Guess what? We also have perfect suggestions for losing waist fat in a different way!

The crowd’s darlings are running, jumping rope, cycling, hula hoop, and dancing (whichever rhythm you prefer).

2- Choose your foods wisely

Food is responsible for most of your weight loss. If you have a goal, try everything to reach it from exercise to a good diet. For example, around the belly and waist region is the type of swelling or bloating that is more easily eliminated by a bowel movement. Therefore, invest in a diet rich in soluble fiber and probiotics. That way, you can choose your diet foods more intelligently according to what part of your body you want to reduce.

Also, add fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in vitamin D, and avoid excess refined carbohydrates, sugar, processed foods, and salt. The latter increases water retention and, consequently, your waistline.

Another surefire tip is to eat more often during daytime in smaller, healthier portions. This is one of the best diet alternatives. You don’t get hungry, which avoids overdoing it, and you still eat what your body does need and not things that may be an excess.

So don’t be afraid of fatty fish, avocados, almonds, coconut oils, and similar things. They have what we call “good fat” and, in addition to helping nourish your body and heart, this will increase the feeling of fullness in your stomach.

3- Don’t substitute water for other liquids

Water is a strong ally for weight loss, especially for fats located in areas such as the waist. You should consume many litters of water during the day, but it is crucial that when you are thirsty, water is your first choice. Just water. Nothing else.

Other beverages such as soft drinks, fruit punch, beer, wine, iced coffees, slushies, and similar can have water in their composition or help quench your thirst. But they can be very sugary and high in calories. Only pure water has the properties your body needs.

Only water has zero calories, truly hydrates your body, and helps eliminate toxins that hinder your weight loss. To make it easier, always keep your water bottle close at hand.

4- Tone your waistline

Now let’s say you are already in your ideal weight range, but you want to accentuate your waistline.

Well, in that case, you don’t have to end up doing repetitive exercises. Ideally, do multiple activities with different movement patterns to make waist area sweat and move more. So you will tone it and make it firmer and leaner.

This will not cause waist fat loss, but it will shape your body more.

For this, you should do the following exercises 3-4 times a week:

  • Reverse bends;
  • Hanging leg lifts;
  • Bicycle rides;
  • Back Extensions;
  • Push-ups.

Ready to slim down your waist? So get to work and make good use of the above-listed valuable tips! And remember to keep up with us and to get more tips as we go!

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