What Food to Pack for Work Everyday to Lose Weight


Trying to stay fit by following a diet can be pretty tough, especially if you have a busy schedule during the day. Calls to make, meetings to attend, loads of paperwork to get done, it may be hard to even remember to have lunch. If you’re a busy person, we’re sure you can relate.

Busy days are often de-motivating, and following a solid diet is all about motivation. Sometimes you’ll catch yourself starving on your lunch break, wanting to devour any food that comes at your sight.

But fear not, today we will share a list of food groups to keep your daily lunch box colorful and healthy! Check them out!


Fibers are a group of carbohydrates that our body can’t digest. In other words, they are not broken into sugar molecules, like most carbohydrates are. 

Instead, they pass through the body undigested, helping control sugar levels in our blood and hunger. Fibers are clearly the perfect type of food to keep in your lunch box. Not only are they super healthy, but they are hunger killers as well. 

Suggestions of fibers: Grain bread, oatmeal, beans, quinoa.


A classic group of foods present in everyone’s healthy diet. Yes, we’re talking about vegetables! They will be your best friend through your journey to fitness. 

There are many vegetable options to choose from, which leads us to one of the best advantages about eating veggies: variety. There are so many vegetables available to us that you can simply decide the ones you like most, or the ones you hate less, to include in your lunch box. 

Vegetables are easy to find, easy to cook, if you like them cooked, and easy to pair with a bunch of other groups of food, perfect for your busy days. Of course, not every veggie has the same nutrition facts, so it is important to be well-informed and pick veggies that meet your needs and your goals. 

For example: if your goal is to lose weight while also consuming more iron, because you have anemia, let’s say. Then you should opt for vegetables that will provide you with more iron.

Some vegetables are also considered a great source of fibers. Keep that in mind! And if you haven’t started eating vegetables yet, this is a sign telling you to start ASAP!

Suggestions of vegetables: Leafs, spinach, broccoli, carrots, cabbage.


You have to eat your daily dose of protein! At lunch hours, it is almost essential to have some source of protein on your plate to keep you through the day.

Though, when it comes to proteins, you must keep an eye on specific types of them that fit nicely in your diet. We say this because depending on the type of protein you opt to consume every day, it can backfire on your fitness journey and the weight you were trying to lose. 

In addition, it can turn into a carbohydrate that have a difficult absorption, making you lazy and sleepy at work. A clear example of this type of protein is fat-rich meat.

Luckily, lots of foods can become a rich source of protein without ruining your fitness progress and without being a pain to deal with at work. We’ll be listing them in the suggestions below.

Suggestions of proteins: grilled chicken breasts, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, lentils, tofu.


And for dessert, why not a fruit? Fruits are perfect desserts to keep with you after a good and satisfying meal. And just like vegetables, there is a large variety of fruits available to us. Check out our article about whether you should eat fruits before or after meals.

However, it is important to keep an eye on the number of fruits you consume daily, especially if you have the tendency to eat many fruits rich in fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar, the sweetness present in all fruits, and when consumed compulsively, it can also backfire!

In fact, you can read this article to see why fruit juices can be a big obstacle when it comes to losing weight.

Any kind of fruit can be perfect for you if it matches your needs and your diet goals. For example: if your goal is to lose weight while focusing on receiving vitamin C, you should try to consume more fruits rich in vitamin C, like strawberries and oranges.

Fruits are the easiest to pack for lunch. Practical, delicious, and healthy!

Suggestions of fruits: oranges, bananas, apples (unpeeled), watermelons.

Bottom line:

Combining all of these foods, you’ll get the most delicious, healthy, diverse, and low-caloric meals to take with you to work.

Remember: healthy diets aren’t about cutting off everything you enjoy eating. Each and every food has its own nutrition value and should not be abruptly cut off from your diet, unless a professional recommends you to do so or unless you’re allergic to it. 

In any way, consult a doctor for a well-oriented diet, and be sure to keep following us to check our latest tips!

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