How to have lucid dreams and why you must try

lucid dreaming

As humans, a few of us have the ability to control their dreams, occasionally and they have a blast doing it!

If you are dreaming and you actually feel the sensation of falling down or being in a different place than where you are supposed to be, then it can trigger a lucid dream if you become aware enough to know that you’re dreaming but not too aware to wake up.

This can be confusing for people because they think that a lucid dream is one where you know that you are dreaming. But, in reality a lucid dream is a dream where not only do you realise that everything there is the creation of your own mind, but you can also create whatever scenario you like and live it so vividly.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the state of mind when deep in your sleep, you make the realisation that you’re in a dream and you stay in it, instead of waking up. It is believed that this way you can do whatever you want in the dream; including flying, having super powers, talking to imaginary people that seem real and vivid and just doing whatever you want.

However, the more you think about the people in your real life or anything at all about your real-life the more you will find yourself waking up as you establish a connection with the real world and snap out of your little bubble. So the key to stay in a lucid dream and controlling it; is to just enjoy the experience without thinking of any real-life people that you know or about anything about your real life.

This should be okay, considering that you can still have other people in your lucid dreams that have nothing to do with your real-life if you choose to, you can still live whatever scenario you wish for and have a literally out-of-this-world experience!

The objective of lucid dreaming is to control your dreams, to fulfill them and reach an experience that you can never experience in the real world.

3 Steps to have a lucid dream:

In order to start having lucid dreams we should follow the steps below, step by step. Before we reach a stage where we can fly, dictate who we are with, and what we’re doing in a dream, etc, we should first learn to remember our dreams.

1- Stage one = learn to remember your normal dreams:

Before going in deep into lucid dreaming, we need to first understand why we have dreams in the first place. The dream state can be an accurate representation of a human’s state of mind. Check out this article to learn more about remember dreams and what determines the type of dreams that we have.

If you think that you don’t dream at all, then you’re probably wrong most of us if not all do have dreams, we just forget all about them once we open our eyes, remember who we are and have full consciousness of our lives and real-life bodies.

To re-connect with the dreams world and start introducing yourself to it slowly, you need to first remember all of your dreams and know exactly what was going on and what you went though in your sleep, in your mind!

2- Stage two: start being alert and conscious of your world all the time:

If may take you weeks and months to perfect or master the art of lucid dreaming, so until you get there you should always be practicing two things. The first being trying to remember your dreams first thing once you wake up in the morning and the second is to start being aware at all times of your surroundings, where you are, what you’re doing there and who you came with.

By starting to practice mindfulness or simply being aware of every moment in the present and focusing on always known what’s going on, you may train yourself to realise in the middle of a dream that you’re dreaming.

That’s because your brain will become trained to question everything in your surroundings and to always ask what you’re doing there. So when you’re in a dream, you Amy realise that you don’t know the reason why you’re in a specific place or what lead to you being there and what you’re doing there.

Once this happens, your brain will quickly understand and realise that you’re sleeping and that you’re in a dream. The key thing then would be to enjoy it rather then panic because the moment any strong emotion is felt, you find yourself waking up quickly in bed!

3- Stage 3: disconnect from the real world when in a lucid dream:

Once you find yourself in a lucid dream and make this realisation then it’s best not to think or try to recreate people you know or people from your real life. When you do, you may reconnect too much with the real world and hence find yourself waking up once more.

Try to stay in the dream without interruption by enjoying the experience, feeling the nice breeze on your face if flying, let’s say, and focusing on feeling how vivid everything can appear to be in the dream. You sensations are vivid, you can touch and feel things and you can do about whatever it is that you wish for. So focus on that rather than remembering or thinking about anything about your real self or life.

The more you connect with the dream, rather than reality, the better and the higher your chances of extending it and controlling it better.

Bottom line:

It is said that learning to control your dreams and experience them in a lucid fashion can help you during times of sleep deprivation or help with stopping yourself from having nightmares. It can also be a beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

The way to have lucid dreams is to practice, be positive about life and de-stress.If you have a negative mindset or stress too much then it is only natural that you will not be able to control your dreams or you may even experience draining and scary nightmares, if anything!

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