3 tips to look presentable on a Small Budget

look presentable on a budget

Looking presentable on a small budget can be tricky. However, it is totally possible once you get to know some strategies. 

Whatever the reason you want to embellish for, if your budget doesn’t help, all you need is: 

  • Good wardrobe management; 
  • A grooming routine to call yours;
  • Some basic planning; and,
  • Making smarter money decisions.

We’ve put together a list with some simple habits that you can adopt to guide you through this. Are you ready to learn how to look better on a budget? Keep reading!

Make Smart Choices When Buying Clothes:

It might be tempting to follow fashion trends or buy many cheap clothes. However, these habits will just make you overspend. Trends come and go too fast, so investing in key and versatile pieces that don’t go out of style is the way to go.  

Therefore, learning to spend and save in each area is crucial. For instance, avoid spending money on the season’s high fashion items. 

If they are likely to last just for one or two seasons, you should go for other options, like timeless pieces that you could wear in every season of the year.  

Accessorizing is also a smart way to save money and still look gorgeous. Search for key pieces that can help you create a more polished look and use on multiple occasions, such as scarfs, watches, gold or silver jewelry, etc. You don’t need many of them, just enough to create some great looks. 

The same goes for jackets and coats. They are part of the first impression people have of you. So, spending a little more on a few pieces made to last is ok. 

All the items made to last can be a little more expensive, especially if they have quality or luxury fabrics. But, since you will use them for many years, making this investment is a good choice.  

When it comes to shoes, always consider comfort over style. Trust us, it is not worth it to invest in an uncomfortable pair of shoes, and you will just be spending money for something that will end up in the trash in few months.

Or it could even send you to the hospital where you may spend more money on medical attention, medication and a good foot massage to put everything back into place. 

Instead, try to find pieces that will offer you both: comfort and style. Also, choose tones that you can wear with many types of clothes.

Working clothes? Not the best way to go! Choosing pieces that will fit both your work and casual environment in your search is essential to saving money. 

Self-knowledge is your friend:

Now you know how to spend smartly and invest in the right fashion items. However, you’re probably still fighting with your wardrobe to get your style right and look presentable.

Good news! You don’t have to! Why? Because you can be at peace with it by figuring out your tastes and applying those tips to the way you dress.

How? With a dose of self-knowledge! If you’re struggling to find out your personal style, try thinking about what you like. After all, you will be wearing the clothes and accessories. So may as well wear the right ones that match your style.

Think about the colours you would like to add to your wardrobe and those that better fit your skin tone. A quick Google search can help you figure out all of this.

Also, consider the fabrics and materials you feel comfortable wearing and the pieces you usually gravitate towards. Finally, don’t forget to think about where you will wear them! 

Now, we have already stated that you can invest in made-to-last pieces and mix them with cheaper key elements. Better yet, you can find unique and durable pieces at thrift stores. The result? You will get a great deal and still look fashionable!  

Remember, you are in charge of your wardrobe, so there’s no need to start a fight with it. 

You can set up the style you want with a bit of self-knowledge and by choosing the right pieces. Enjoy the process of creating your unique style!

Let your natural beauty shine:

Now that you know how to dress up and look gorgeous on a budget, we can’t overlook the beauty or skincare factor; the way you take care of your appearance, skin, hair, nails, teeth and all, adds a lot to your outfit and style. 

Although it can be challenging to take care of your beauty on a budget, it is doable. Check out this article on how to look stunning & feminine on a budget.

What should you look for when taking care of your beauty? Skin, hair, and nails are some examples, and a visit to your local drugstore or some alternative ways can do wonders to your beauty routine. 

Hair and Nails:

Doing your beauty treatments on your own is an excellent way to save money on beauty services like nails and hair and still look presentable. 

Several online tutorials can teach you how to take care of your hair and nails. Another option is to go to the local cosmetology school. Since the students practice under the eyes of experts, the prices tend to be more affordable.

Skin Care:

The secret here is finding multiple-functions products that combine different qualities, such as a moisturiser with SPF coverage or a facial toner with powerful cleansers. 

Look for sales on these products, and you can score great deals!

Bottom line:

Ready to rock? Now you know how to look presentable on a small budget and what you can do to stay fashionable and don’t let your sparkles fade out.

Just put these tips into practice and start saving money!

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