4 life-hacks to stay feminine & gorgeous on a Budget

beautiful on a budget

What does taking care of beauty means to you? Generally, the answer varies greatly from person to another. Some focus more on skincare, others on hair, others on nails, and so on. 

But sometimes, learning to look after your beauty and femininity on a budget can be challenging. However, everything is valid as long as the sense of care has nothing to do with having an excessive budget.

Of course, we know how difficult it is to resist making multiple purchases and impulsive shopping all the time. But that’s not the best way when you have to deal with rising prices of almost everything ​​and bigger goals for yourself in the future, such as traveling, shopping, college, and more.

Whatever your reason for saving is, know that you can stay beautiful and feminine without spending tons of money.

Want to know how? Read on and find out. Also don’t forget to write down our tips!

DIY Makeup Version:

Some makeup leaves us drooling, right? Everything is so beautiful and colourful. The only thing that’s not that pretty is the price. In fact, the price is often more frightening than a face with no makeup. That’s why some choose to not even buy any!

But if you really like the different shades and pigmentations, you’ll be happy to know you can create few in your own home.

Calm down! No need to set up a laboratory. With a bowl, pots, and some products that are already in your fridge or cupboard, you can produce a mask for eyelashes, blushes, and even lipsticks.

What color do you want? For variations of burgundy, just bet on beets. Want some brown variations? You can get it with cocoa powder or chocolate. 

But if you want close to orange shades, you can get them with carrots. These, along with coconut oils and activated charcoal, are some of the items you will need.

Learning how to do it is also pretty easy (and could also be fun). There are hundreds of tutorials all over the internet!

Oils and Their Multiple Functions

It’s not just makeup that you can use but also oils. The truth is that you can’t run out of oil if you want to save money.

For example, one of the essential functions of oils is to lighten dark spots on the skin and scars. It is also great for homemade hair hydration. No more spending a fortune on expensive creams!

Coconut oil is excellent for removing makeup; even waterproof one. And, it helps with shaving, and is intense for capillary hydration of dull and dry hair.

Besides this, other oils are infinitely cheaper than most cosmetic products. That’s why they can be the best option for those on a tight budget!

Give Cosmetology Schools a Chance

At cosmetology schools, you will find capable and qualified professionals who are about to graduate and are supervised by experienced specialists in the field. Do you know what that means?

It means you can have a complete salon treatment and pay a lot less for it. And don’t be afraid! The students at these schools are updated with the latest care trends and techniques that customers love the most.

The same goes for massage schools and any other school that offers the service you need to stay beautiful and feminine for less.

While they need practice, you need more viable ways to care for your beauty and femininity on a budget. Is it or not the perfect idea to please everyone involved?

Exercise anywhere and everywhere:

Have you ever heard people saying that they’re only losing weight or toning up their muscles because they joined the gym?

If so, the chances are that this person owns a gym and wants your money. Or, the person has not yet discovered all the possible options for exercising in other environments. After all, you can and should work out wherever you want.

At home, a packet of rice, a chair, or a rope might be just the stuff you need to get in shape.

Download some apps or check the several free YouTube classes to help you get your workout right and forget about the gym membership.

But if you’re short on space at home, there will always be a park or sidewalks waiting for you to get some exercise outdoors.

Bottom line:

The only way to see your money last is to reconsider cutting down on expenses for things that are not necessary or can still be achieved in a cheaper way. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your appearance. Check out our article to save on food, for example as that’s very doable!

Homemade items and cheaper services can be your go-to. Even how often you use the products will help you make them last longer. In other words, it is totally possible to look after your beauty and femininity on a budget.

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