9 ways to afford a good lifestyle on a budget

saving on good lifestyle

We’re all prone to go through a financial crisis once or twice in our life. However, affording a good lifestyle when broke may be challenging. 

Living within your means may sound easy on paper, but the reality can be different. That’s why many people end up accumulating debts, relying too much on credit cards, and even spending all their life savings. 

If you relate to some of these scenarios, maybe it’s time to start learning how to manage your money better

To assist you on this, we’ve gathered some valuable tips on how to afford a good lifestyle when broke by better managing your money and adopting less expensive habits. So stay tuned to find out more! 

Create a Budget plan:

For starters, you really need to know how much you can spend, in order to find out what you can spend on and what’s necessary for you or what’s not and plan accordingly to afford a good lifestyle. 

To do that, creating a budget is crucial to organize your finances and get back on track. 

Some factors to consider are:

  • Your income; 
  • Your fixed expenses;
  • Your variable expenses.

Doing a little math, you will find out what is essential for living, how much you should spare to pay debts, how much you can put into your savings, and what you can do to support your lifestyle. 

When you organise yourself, set a budget and stick to it, you can plan ahead, make adjustments and simply live better within your means. 

Keep an Eye on Your Habits:

Another way to discover what’s causing your financial concerns is to observe your habits closely. This way, you can find out what you can cut from your lifestyle or reduce to improve your finances. 

For example, if you are overspending on beauty treatments, then check out our article on how you can look stunning on a budget. Also, if you’re eating out regularly, or just buying things you don’t really need, you can adjust your lifestyle to reduce these expenses. 

Now that you know some things to watch out for, check some practical examples you can adopt to improve and still keep a nice and comfortable your lifestyle! 

Plan Your Meals:

Meals are a huge part of your budget, and we all know eating is one of the pleasures of life. However, eating out all the time is not at all sustainable for your finances.

So, if you’re saving and still want to keep the same routine, there’s a solution: mix eating out with planning your meals. 

Meal prepping can really help you reduce your spending and add healthier habits to your life.

So, why not balance it all by eliminating a few eating-out nights of your routine while sparing some time to prep your meals? You can even prep or pack food to take out and eat wherever you wish for.

Be it at a park, next to London Bridge or whatever tourist attractions in your city, you can always take your food out and eat from whenever you want!

This way, you will be saving money, keeping a healthier lifestyle, and maintaining your eating-out habit every once in a while. Compromising sometimes is necessary!

Look Expensive on a Budget:

Appearances matter and you don’t want to look less than stunning, right? 

Although this can be a little costly, we have the perfect alternative for you to look gorgeous, afford your lifestyle and still save money: thrift stores! 

Thrifting is an excellent way to find fashionable pieces to support your lifestyle while sticking to your restricted budget. 

Get Rid of Old Stuff:

Don’t become a hoarder nor create collections of different types of rubbish. Just because the possibility of buying unnecessary stuff exists, it doesn’t mean you should spend all your money buy and filling your living space with necessary garbage.

Instead, get rid of the clutter and make some extra money by selling useless items. 

This way, you will have more space in your house, and you can even save money for something that you really want later on. 

Automate Your necessary expenses:

Set your financial goals and automate your necessary expenses, like a monthly bill or subscription that you know you cannot eliminate. Doing this avoids you falling behind with paying for necessary bills or sitting in a dark home for days when electricity goes down because you didn’t pay for the bill on time.

You can automate monthly expenses, and necessary payments and save or eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Use Coupons:

There are coupons for basically everything nowadays. You can download apps to help you to find them and save money. 

Using coupons allows you to keep some perks of your lifestyle, like ordering food on a Friday night while saving some money or getting things for free.  

Go Out With Your Friends for Free:

Does being short on money means you have to stay home forever to avoid spending? The answer is no! 

Instead of spending money on paid events, you can choose free alternatives that can be equally fun. 

Invite your friends to a walk in the park, spend the day on the beach, or simply go to a street fair or an art museum. See? Equal fun and for free!

Think About Your Future:

You might not be in the best financial shape right now, but that doesn’t mean it will be like this forever. 

Think long-term and try to save money every month, whatever amount you can. 

An emergency fund is essential to help you when needed and make you feel safer to keep affording a good lifestyle when saving. 

Bottom line:

Affording a good lifestyle has never been so easy with these valuable tips. Just make sure to put them into action as soon as possible and see yourself getting out of debt fast. 

And if these tips were helpful, share the content with a friend and spread the word that it is possible to afford a good lifestyle on a budget!

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