Best cheap dates ideas

cheap dates ideas

Tickets for shows and fancy dinners are great but hardly fit the lifestyle of those on a budget. However, if you don’t have the money to pay for this type of plans and living, learning to date on a budget will definitely save your life.

After all, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful date and still handle the bills at the end of the month. And that goes for any stage of your relationship, whether for the early dating stage or for couples with a long love story. 

Meetings are always necessary. What is expendable is spending loads of money for them. That’s why we’ve gathered the five best and cheapest date options for you. 

They’re more affordable, but they’re far from being less fun and enjoyable. So, keep an eye on our tips, and don’t miss any details!

Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset or Sunrise:

Fortunately, enjoying sunsets and sunrises is still free. Besides, it’s also one of the most beautiful and romantic things to do as a couple.

Since this is a free date, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on the details. Unleash your creativity! Choose a charming place, ensure you have the perfect lighting for a romantic mood.

Prepare snacks at home and take them to the designated spot to save a little more. 

And if you pick a more remote place, don’t forget to choose a good playlist with music you both enjoy. Then, when the subject ends, you can enjoy the songs or even comment on them and many others.

Are you smelling it? It’s the smell of love in the air!

Try an Open Mic Night:

Speaking of songs, how about using them to your advantage?

An open mic night is one of the best cheap dating ideas, but it’s also a source of possibilities.

One is to bring the two of you together. And believe us: nothing brings people closer than amusing embarrassment. So, if you don’t sing so well, use this to amuse and entertain your loved one.

The art of making someone smile is capable of causing great passion. Trust us!

Another option is to actually seduce them with your amazing voice, if you are a good or average singer.

Use your beautiful voice to convey a message, an emotion, or both.

Carefully think of the lyrics to awaken intense emotions in the heart of your date. Pick your song accordingly with whether you want to talk about love, gratitude, or whatever you want. Seriously, this tactic is flawless!

Spice Things Up:

No, we don’t mean anything sexual or whatever it is you’re thinking at all. We are talking about cooking together.

On a day that you want to stay at home or can’t spend a lot, how about cooking a special dinner for and with your loved one? 

A fancy dinner can still be cheaper and more intimate at home than at an expensive restaurant.

Think about the menu, combine the starter, main course, dessert, and drinks. Then go shopping, sort everything out and cook a nice meal, together with your lovely guest or partner!

Planning a romantic dinner is also an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better and see how you work together in the kitchen.

Try a Drive-in Movie Theater:

Drive-in movie theaters are more romantic and much cheaper than regular movie theaters.

This option is best suited for those on a tight budget. Or those who prefer a more intimate environment while watching a good movie with their sweetheart.

In other words, in addition to not disturbing other viewers, you can be more comfortable, enjoy the story and turn this cheap date into an unforgettable one.

Another advantage of this option is commenting on the movie or kissing each other without worrying about other people.

Go to a Carnival:

There is a reason Carnivals are so famous: they’re completely free. Everyone loves Carnival, and there are options for all tastes and different adventures.

Going together to this type of event is almost proof of love. It’s a promise that you intend to have a quality, fun time with the other person. And even learn about their personality as the day goes by.

Of course, this is the most commendable reason, but many go to Carnivals with a clear mission of getting delicious cotton candy. Or some type of cheap, amazing and rare street food that is usually hard to find elsewhere.

The important thing is that the place is not usually expensive, and you can have a lot of fun on different rides.

After a few turns on the Ferris Wheel, the date will undoubtedly be a success!

Bottom line:

Happy about the best cheap date ideas to enjoy with your loved one? We hope yes! 

Oh, and even after combining all the options in just one month, your budget will still be safe, so don’t worry about that.

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