Cheapest Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide

Cheap honeymoon destinations

Most people dream of a memorable honeymoon trip; however, after all the investment made in the wedding ceremony, the budget for the honeymoon tends to be smaller. But there’s no need to worry! It is totally possible to find a cheapest honeymoon destinations for you and your loved one to enjoy quality time. 

There are several affordable, breathtaking destinations worldwide for married couples looking for a good and amazing honeymoon. 

We’ve selected three places where you can enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon accordingly with what your idea is of a nice place for a great price. 


Although it is a tiny country, Belize is a charming and popular destination for newlyweds. 

Localised in Central America, you have beaches and tropical forests to explore. In the city, you can find the largest urban area in the country. It is the perfect place to relax and do fun couple activities.

On the Ambergris Caye & Hol Chan Marine Reserve, you can go diving and snorkeling. 

You can explore the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve trails if you enjoy hiking. 

There’s also an organic cacao farm, you can visit and make your own chocolate. 

As you can see, this destination is perfect for those who love nature and adventure. But if you only want to relax, you can also simply enjoy the beach and go for more relaxing and romantic activities such as biking and paddleboarding. 

There are many all-inclusive types of resorts for cheap, and it is even possible to rent your own private island for less than $800. Dreamy, huh?!


And then, there’s Thailand. Great typical food, nightlife programs in Bangkok, the country’s capital, and many islands where you can enjoy nature. 

Thailand is definitely one of the most desirable places for tourists looking for different experiences on a budget, breathtaking landscapes, and contact with a new culture.

The weather is dry and cool between November and April, making it ideal for visiting.

Accommodation prices and the usual expenses like food and couple activities are also pretty reasonable. 

You can take a romantic cruise around Bangkok on a private speedboat. But if you want to explore a more natural setting, day-long boat trips go from Phang Nga and Phuket to Phang Nga Bay. You can stop for the excellent food while enjoying the gorgeous view. 

There are also many beautiful temples and other religious sites. One of them is the Secret Buddha Garden, with a tranquil river going through it. 

If you have more energy, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Tiger Cave Temple. There you will find many natural caves located in an overgrown jungle valley. 

Finally, don’t forget to visit the famous Wat Phra Chetuphon, one of the biggest and oldest temples in the country, which also has the Reclining Buddha – the largest in Thailand. 


If you’re looking for different weather, Ireland is an excellent option! 

You can enjoy a lovely stay in the castles that were turned into hotels, experiencing some of the cultural aspects of this country. Another great thing? Nightly rates on places like this can be under $200. 

They also provide extra amenities like fine dining and afternoon tea. 

Want an all-inclusive experience? You can go to a resort spa and enjoy all the activities they offer, like taking golf courses, couples massages, etc. 

If you are searching for something cozier, you can stay at a B&B with rooms that have a romantic fireplace. 

During the day, you can horseback ride and take a hike in the woodlands. Enjoy the countryside of the beautiful Emerald Isle with its fairy-tale-like scenery. 

Want more city life? Then, you can visit some historical sites like the Trinity College, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Ireland’s oldest pub Brazen Head. Later, you both can walk along the River Liffey. 

In the Grafton and O’Connell Streets, you will also find great restaurants, where you can eat local food and experience another aspect of this rich culture.

How to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

Now that you know some of your options, check some tips to make your honeymoon even more affordable!

The first one is to use online coupons on websites. Then, you can pre-shop for romantic activities and even meals and see if you find discounts. You can also book an accommodation with great discounts and strike a good deal. 

Regarding the plane tickets, look on several websites like Google Flights or Skyscanner that can offer you the best price-related options available.

As for more creative ideas, you can accept gifts and cash prizes that go towards your honeymoon. Your wedding guests can choose to gift you fun couple activities and also pitch in for the plane tickets. 

Finally, remember to stick to your travel budget during the trip. After all, you wouldn’t want to come back to an ocean of debt, right?! Now that you know some of the cheapest honeymoon destinations worldwide, did you make your pick? 

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