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If you seek to save money, cutting some expenses like eating out can really help you out. However, if you don’t want to give up your habits and still want to stay on budget, we have some solutions on how you can have lunch almost for free regularly.

Nowadays, there are many alternatives to save the money you spend on food, for example, coupons, apps, free samples, and even getting paid to eat at certain places. 

Therefore, we’ve created a list explaining these options for you. This way, you can find a few that work or even alternate between different ones. 

Keep reading and learn how you can have lunch on the daily almost for free!

Use the Internet at Your Favour:

Many apps and websites can help you find opportunities to eat well and save money. Check some options!

1- Newsletters and Apps for Free Food

Almost every restaurant and food chain has a website, app, or both. 

Therefore, signing up for them can help you learn about promotions and special events to get free food, for example, a special offer, a coupon, or a special menu. 

Most famous brands have services like that and some smaller places try this marketing strategy too, to get their name out there fast when they first open. So ask about things like this, the next time you are at a new restaurant. 

2- Discounts for a special day:

Some places offer free options on specific dates like your birthday. In others, you can have a special free option some days of the week. Or you can even see that they have a “happy hour” or time of the day where the prices drop or a specific dish goes for free, etc. 

Even if you can’t get free meals every day, you can get many discounts on those apps.  

3- Zero-Waste Apps: 

Food waste is something that unfortunately happens a lot. It happens whether it’s because someone buys fresh food and doesn’t have time to consume it before it goes bad, or because a restaurant couldn’t sell all their cooked food for the day and will have to make fresh one the next day anyway.

They usually can’t store it because it would turn bad by the next day or because it’s not within their policy to sell a one day old food to their customers the next day. 

Either way, some alternative ways to avoid wasting that food are apps like Olio, which allows neighbours to share unwanted items, leftovers and food that couldn’t sell. 

The app can also provide transportation and distribution to the community by partnering with catering, retail, and hospitality businesses to pick up and send the food. 

For cafes, bakeries, and restaurants, you may even have options that can connect you to wholesalers. Moreover, on the platform, you can even select what otherwise would be thrown away. 

Likewise, you also have apps like “Too Good to Go”, but you don’t always know what would be available on this one. 

Look out for apps available in your region or if there’s any food program focusing on avoiding waste, so you can have lunch almost for free everyday.

4- Use Cashback Websites: 

A lot of cashback websites offer free meals for those who sign up. Try the deals section to find them, and you can see that there is always some offer that you can pick. 

You can try different ones each week and use a nickname and an alias email, if you prefer. 

Go to the Supermarket:

If you prefer doing this the old way, try offline options like going to the supermarket, and looking for cheap deal or use the alternatives below!

1- Collect Coupons:

Coupons are an excellent option to save on food. You can find coupons for free food in the newspaper or print them at home. 

There are always coupons for all kinds of free items. So you can try to collect them and cook a whole meal.

2- Free Samples:

Another possibility is to find free samples for new products at cafes, bars, and restaurants. They are also pretty common in supermarkets. 

Thus, look out for discounted products that are about to expire if you will eat it the same day and try new locations every now and then.

Get Paid for Having Lunch:

As a mystery diner, you can have a free meal and even get paid for it. How is this possible? Well, companies and owners hire people to eat at their restaurants anonymously like any other customer to verify their service, food, and everything else in-between is in place. 

The best part? You can use your free time to do it, so don’t worry about missing work or something like that. Just find the best deals for you and go for it!

Prepare Food at Home:

1- Make Your Lunch with Leftovers:

If you order food or go out to eat the night before, save something for lunch the next day. 

You can combine the leftovers with something else or add some eggs or ramen on the side, and there you have it: No waste and a new meal. Just make sure to store the food properly, so it doesn’t get spoiled until the next day. 

2- Grow Your Own Food:

Prepping meals is an excellent way to save money, but if you want to spend even less, you can grow your own food at home.

A small garden can really help you cook better and eat healthier. This way, you don’t ever have to worry about buying something fresh, veggies or even fruits for your meals. 

Make sure you grow a tree of your favourite fruits only: Be it apples or avocados. However, when it comes to veggies then you can choose to grow as many as you like!

Bottom line:

Spending money on meals every day can really cause a lot of damage to your finances and budget. Fortunately, now you know how to have lunch almost for free regularly!

If you like these tips, be sure to share them with someone else looking to save some money, and come back for more! 

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