losing Weight on a Budget, is it possible ?

lose weight on a budget

We all know that to stay healthy, young, and full of energy, we need to keep our weight under control. All is well in theory, but the task might seem even more difficult; if more than keeping your weight down, you also need to do it on a budget. So, how to do that and is it even possible ?

If meeting these goals doesn’t seem easy; do not panic, it is still far from impossible. The secret is to first keep a positive attitude and discipline in your plan to be successful.

We have some excellent tips to ease your endeavours. So, stay with us to learn more on how to lose weight on a budget! Check out our article on how to lose weight on a budget too, after finishing reading this one.

What Does It Take to Lose Weight? 

You’re trying to lose weight, you have some budget restrictions, and you want to know if your objective is at all possible. Let’s consider all factors. We can divide the requirements for losing weight into two categories: objective and subjective. 

Losing weight is simple from an objective standpoint: Burn more calories than you ingest or take in. To do this healthily, have a balanced diet and an exercise routine. It’s no big deal.

However, from a subjective perspective, you might need to commit to a new lifestyle which may be very hard to do. 

When discussing these personal aspects of losing weight, you might hear the word “willpower” frequently. Willpower is undoubtedly essential, but keep in mind that it works like a muscle: you can push beyond your limits, with it.

In a nutshell, to lose weight, you’ll need to have a good diet, exercise, and smart strategies to implement changes. 

Now check some tips to implement this!

Find Out How Many Calories You Burn

The first thing to consider when losing weight is knowledge and good knowledge of yourself and what you can and cannot do. As Bruce Lee once said: “all knowledge ultimately is self-knowledge.” 

Moreover, you can’t estimate how big your budget needs to be if you don’t know how many calories you burn.

Most people don’t stop to think about it, but it’s true: we burn calories just by being alive. To calculate the calories you burn, just follow these formulas:

  • For men: 66 + (6.2 x weight) + (12.7 x height) – (6.76 x age)
  • For women: 655.1 + (4.35 x weight) + (4.7 x height) – (4.7 x age)

To lose weight, you’ll need to cut on the calories consumed and increase the calories burnt while exercising. The goal is to have a negative result when you compute all calories ingested and all that were burned.

Once you have the answer, look for physical activities you enjoy. If you don’t like any, look for the least annoying one for you. 

You can do several exercises at home, and you won’t need to spend a dollar on them. Just check with your doctor before starting.

Also, if you can, consult a nutritionist to help you create a good diet aligned with your budget goals. If you can’t, lots of information is available online.

Build the Right Habits

You’ll need to achieve healthy habits on your path to a thin body. Unfortunately, most people try to change too many things at the same time. 

For example, if you are trying to lose weight on a budget, this strategy will probably fail as you will have so many new expenses at once.

Start small. Don’t try to change your diet in one day. Instead, make incremental changes and find ways to reward yourself when sticking to your goals with something other than food. If seeing unhealthy food in your house is too much of a temptation, consider getting rid of it. 

The same goes for exercising. For example, don’t try to run for one hour on the first day. Instead, make it a two minutes session, if that’s what it takes to get you to get used to it gradually. It is essential to establish your habits first, before improving them.

The basic principle is to make exercising and eating healthy into pleasurable activities, the path of least resistance.

Spend Less on Food:

Spending less on food can definitely help you lose weight on a budget. But that doesn’t mean you will have to starve. 

You can choose cheaper and nutritious food that will help both your body and pocket. Check out our article about how to save on food and amongst your options always go for the healthiest ones.

Also, planning your meals for the whole week as early as possible can be helpful. Having a predefined plan will make you less likely to fall victim to temptation or have to buy prepared meals when you’re in a hurry.

Another great tip is to search for generic brands. You can often find products that are just as good for a smaller price. While you are at it, check different stores too. A smart buyer always looks for better options!

Bottom line:

Although it seems twice as hard to lose weight on a budget, it is totally possible if you commit to it.

You just have to define your goals, do some research, see what best fits your routine, get into the action and stick to your plan!

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