Tips and tricks to feed a group of 10, on a budget!

feed a group of 10 on a budget

It’s not easy to plan an event with little money. Besides entertaining guests, you still have to feed them, which can turn into a nightmare in a heartbeat. So how do you feed a group of 10 on a budget?

Many people ask this question, but not everyone gets the answer.

You don’t have to damage your wallet to entertain your friends or host a nice group party or night at home.

Here are some lunch and dinner ideas for your party to greatly fit your social and financial life.


Spaghetti is one of the best options for the poor. It is simple, practical, and inexpensive. So if you’re on a tight budget, spaghetti should be your guest of honor.

Despite being simple, spaghetti with a delicious sauce becomes a classic and safe dinner. That’s why everyone will enjoy this option.

Now, how about increasing this recipe? If your guests have different tastes, you can make 2 or 3 options of sauces to attend to everyone’s needs.

For example, you can buy some tomatoes and parmesan cheese to make your homemade sauce as a baseline. 

Then, add other ingredients like eggplants with tomato sauce or bolognese sauce. You can also grill some vegetables and season with fine herbs.

The options are many! How to say no to such a tasty and cheap meal that can feed all at a small price?

Green Salad and Burritos:

That is a cheeky, tasty, cheap, and vegetarian-friendly option. This combination will surprise and fill the belly of all guests.

Let’s start with the salad. It’s called a green salad, but the more colorful, the better. This way, it becomes more nutritious and gives more satiety. 

Combine 3 to 4 side dishes to stay on budget. The options are varied: tomatoes, croutons, strawberries, yellow bell pepper, boiled egg, mango, olives, carrots, and much more. A citric or sweet and sour sauce is also great.

As for burritos, there are inexpensive options such as guacamole, rice, beans, chicken, and cheese. Just pick what you like the most and make it happen!

Homemade Pizza:

The good thing about making your own pizza is that you’ll control the situation, which means pizza won’t be expensive if you know how to choose the ingredients. 

Tip: Before going to the market to buy the toppings, take a look at your bank balance or speak out loud about why you want to save money. This could be the reality check you need to stay within budget.

Once that’s settled, remember that simplicity is the answer:

  • Choose one type of cheese – it’s enough. 
  • Adding tomato sauce and even tomatoes slices is a trick that adds volume to the pizza.
  • Don’t make multiple types or toppings, as this will only make the whole thing that much more expensive. Choose two or three. 
  • Homemade sauce is much cheaper (and tastier) than the one you find in the markets.

Chicken Over Rice:

Cooking and putting together a Crockpot of Chicken and Rice is a piece of cake and eating it is a delight. You only need a few ingredients, hardly any money, and a hungry audience waiting to feast on it.

Whoever serves this dish will only have to deal with guests wanting to come back for a little more at upcoming events.

And if you’re feeling good, you can also add some extra flavours and different sides; preferably very cheap ones, to add more character to the dish.

You can serve it as lunch a or dinner. Or both. It’s your decision. Whatever the time, you sure are gonna impress your audience!

Homemade Lasagna:

Just thinking about lasagna makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Better than that is knowing that you can feed your friends or family with this delicious treat without breaking the bank.

Homemade lasagna only requires three main ingredients: sauce, cheese, and lasagna pasta. You don’t even have to add any chicken or meat to it. That alone makes it worth investing in this option.

As we’ve mentioned here a few times, homemade sauce is cheaper and tastier. Cheese doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find something delicious and affordable. And lasagna pasta is usually sold for a fair and low price.

To spice up the flavor of your masterpiece, you don’t even have to go far from the basics. A little garlic, paprika, oregano, and basil add a special touch.

Be creative, ask your friends what they like, and choose wisely.

Foiled Potatoes:

Foiled potatoes can be a side dish at lunch or dinner. But the certainty is that there will be nothing left of it. It’s a dish that everyone loves. 

Best of all, it’s pretty cheap. You’ll just need baby potatoes, oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley. That alone is enough to please your little crowd and everyone’s appetite.

Now that you have seen that it’s possible to feed a group of 10 on a budget, it’s time to run to the kitchen and get your hands dirty!

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