3 hobbies to enjoy alone for introverted people

hobbies for introverts

It is said that extroverts can spend a lot of time in the company of friends, because they do have interest in socialising and don’t feel like it’s a chore. On the other hand, introverts don’t mind doing things with friends and family, but they are happier to go for a solo hike, to watch a movie alone or to be left to surf the internet discreetly on their phone all day.

Introverts are just more comfortable to be alone, as it may weigh on them to be with others and to try and please or manage their interactions with another person all the time. They feel it’s a duty, chore or a liability, rather than a nice activity to enjoy.

What it means to be an introvert:

Introversion is a personality trait that is associated with feelings of self-consciousness, enjoying oneself’ s own company and being content with yourself without the constant need for others.

Introversion can also be referred to as a way of living ; people who prefer to keep themselves to themselves and are not very interested in socialising or meeting new people, are said to be introverts.

In the best cases, introverts have one or a maximum of: two people that they don’t mind being with, more often. They may let them in their world and spend time with them, but even then they need a breather, privacy and to be left alone once in a while.

3 best hobbies for introverts:

When it comes to hobbies, we all have different preferences. Some of us like to stay at home and read a book, others enjoy doing activities with others or just hanging out with friends. We all prefer different hobbies for different reasons.

That’s why when it comes to introverts, then it is more common that they’d go for activities that they can do on their own and for their singular and individual enjoyment; rather than with groups of people. Here are 3 hobbies just like that for introverts to try out:


Cooking is a hobby that many introverts enjoy. After all, cooking requires a lot of concentration and also requires the skills to make delicious food successfully with no accidents.

Those who love cooking can do it as part of their daily routine, naturally and happily. They can even choose to invite someone over for meal they’d cook and help strengthen their social skills whenever they feel they’re ready.

And if not, you can always enjoy your skills on your own and enjoy the food and delicious delicacies you make on your own too or gift little food boxes to your loved ones when they come to visit. Either way, cooking can never be something boring as it can help you eat clean, tasty and stay fit; when you’re in control of what gets to go on your plate.


Introverts are often shy and they don’t like to be in the spotlight. However, they can be very creative with a camera at hand. There are different reasons why introverts may not publish their photography or work.

However, just because one does not intend to get their work shared doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy making it in private and keeping it to themselves.

For introverts that love nature and photography, they could find a lot of pleasure in travelling all around the globe with a camera at hand, on their own! All would be great just as long as they’re enjoying their trips and bringing back home; an album of amazing photos for each different place every time.

If you love photography, then you may consider yourself an introvert. But if you are a photographer, then perhaps you are an extrovert?

Video gaming:

Many people and not necessarily just introverts; like to get away from the outside world, whether it’s due to a personal preference or just finding it easy to skip social interactions. They may not want to go out and meet people but instead find solace in the digital world.

If this is something you can relate to as an introvert, then you must enjoy playing video games. There is a sea of different types and categories of video games and we’re sure if one looks and digs enough there’s something great for every taste.

It can be isolating to focus to much on playing video games and disconnecting yourself from the real world, so make sure you invite someone over to play with at times!

Bottom line:

There’s surely other hobbies that can float an introvert’s boat, but the ones above were our pick for today. A few more hobbies we can suggest for introverts could be: gardening, painting and writing books or novels, etc.

Introverts are famous for their creativity and passion. And, even though they may be bad at things that require hospitality or social interactions; they can be good at art and sculpture.

If we want to learn more about gardening as a hobby; then check out this article.

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