Is greed always a bad thing and if not, why ?


Humans are greedy by nature. They are always on the lookout for more and more in life. This is why there is always a competition between people to get the most out of life.

So is there a point at which humans get satisfied with what they have or feel like they finally have enough not to care about accumulating more resources and possessions ?

Are Humans Greedier than animals?

Some people believe that all humans are greedy because they have a drive to acquire more resources than they need. This perspective is supported by the fact that most animals have an instinctual desire to hoard food and other resources. 

But other people argue that there is no such thing as greed in nature and when it comes to animals because they don’t truly hoard food beyond their needs like humans do. They say that for animals: it is a normal survival instinct to want resources because it would be impossible for any animal or plant to survive without eating, drinking, or breathing. 

However, humans want to take precautions and hoard more, just in case something went wrong or happened. This is sometimes about security and the guarantee of their survival but it could also be gluttony and greed when we’re never content regardless of how much we have.

For humans, even once we have resources that can last us and our next generations for decades and many years we may still want more. At that point, it becomes maintaining a specific status or preserving the admiration and fascination of others with how much we achieved.

The idea of greed being a human characteristic is also supported by studies which show that many people who suffer from poverty; experience less anxiety and stress when they have more money in their possession than when they didn’t.

There are some exceptions, although very rare:

The word “greedy” is often used in a negative way. However, it could also be used positively to refer to someone who is always on the lookout for opportunities.

Not all humans are greedy. In fact, some people are quite generous and put the needs of others before their own.

People with this mindset are more likely to make a positive difference in the world and contribute in a meaningful way to society. However, this is a rare quality and it is important not to be naive or think that most people will be so good.

In fact, there are many circumstances of life in which greed takes over and we see people act selfishly or in a way that benefits themselves rather than the community.

Difference between greed and satiety:

While it is true that all humans can be greedy, there is a difference between greed and satiety. The difference lies in the fact that greed is an emotion. It can be triggered by one’s thoughts of getting something for oneself or for their loved ones.

Satiety on the other hand is a physical sensation that occurs when one’s body has had enough. It can be achieved after having had enough eating food or using our resources and wealth until satisfaction.

While all humans are greedy, some people are more prone to greed than others. Studies have shown that people who are highly sensitive to hunger tend to display more greed, than those who aren’t as hungry and sensitive to their levels of neediness. People that worry about being in needy positions and have less tolerance for misery, hunger and bad situations of life tend to take more precautions to never find themselves in similar scenarios of life and hence show more greed.

This could be because they have less control over their emotions, which makes them more likely to act on their feelings of greed.

The difference between being greedy and cheap:

Being cheap isn’t always bad. if you want to save money or make more money in the long run by investing it wisely rather than spending it frivolously; then you next generations may benefit more and thank you for it.

However, there’s a fine line between being greedy and cheap. If your cheapness becomes uncontrollable and you live way below your means or don’t mind seeing your own kids suffering or having a very low lifestyle; all to save more money and hoard assets then it is important that you question yourself.

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Bottom line:

The question of whether all humans are greedy is a contentious one. Some people argue that greed is a natural instinct and that it can be seen in even the most altruistic people.

Others believe that with self-control and a good sense of hard work, even greed can be a positive personality trait. The negative connotation of greed is not always true. In fact, greed can also be seen as a good thing, when it motivates people to work hard and achieve their goals.

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