Find out what the aura around you says about you

what your aura means

The aura is a layer of energy that surrounds you and your body. It is made up of the electromagnetic field surrounding your body, the magnetic field surrounding you and the bio-field, which is made up of your breath, emotions, thoughts and other subtle energies.

The aura can be read by people in order to know what a person’s mood or state of mind is like at that moment. To make matters more interesting, there are certain colours associated with different emotions. For example, blue signifies peace and happiness while red signifies anger or fear.

This article discusses how to read the aura in order to know what emotion someone is feeling at that moment.

What the aura around you discloses about you:

The aura is a field of energy that surrounds your physical body. It is made up of the energy that you emit and absorb from the environment around you. It has been said that the aura can predict your future, and some people believe that an aura can tell whether someone is lying or telling the truth.

The aura around you can be used for different purposes such as to find out what’s going on with your health, to understand how other people are feeling, and to improve relationships. However, it is not taken seriously in the medical field to assess one’s health. In general it is more a theoretical indicator to predict one’s state of mind, emotions and mood.

In fact, the aura around you is your personal energy field. It is made up of the emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts that you generate. The aura can be seen as a living entity that surrounds us in our daily lives.

The aura around us tells us about our inner state and provides information about what we are going through in life, in that specific time frame.

The colours of your aura:

Colours can also say a lot about our personality – reds, oranges, and yellows can be seen as warm colours while blues, greens, and purples are seen as cool colours.

When you’re feeling happy, your aura will be bright and colourful because it will reflect the positive feelings you have within. When you’re feeling sad or anxious, your aura will be darker because these emotions are more present in your life than the positive ones.

However, if you have a lot on your plate at work or school, then it’s likely that you’ll be stressed and the colours in your aura will be duller.

How to see someone’s aura:

Seeing someone’s aura is an act of intuition and based on your own emotional state. The next time you are with someone you care about, take a few minutes to see if you can see their aura or not.

People can see auras by looking at someone’s body, try to alter your vision or create a double image of them and see if there’s a layer of light around them. That layer of light is supposed to have a colour and that would be their aura. 

The aura is a field of luminous radiation around a person, which can be seen by some people with the use of special instruments. It is said to be invisible to the naked eye by some. So it is not sure that you’ll be able to perceive their aura with your naked eye but you can try.

Auras are more commonly seen as blue or green, but there is no strict colour for them. They do, however, have different meanings depending on the person in question and the colour that you see. In fact, some people believe that there are many different ways to see someone’s aura, but the most common is through clairvoyance.

The colour of your aura will change depending on your mood and energy level. If you are feeling down or angry, then your aura will be red or dark grey. However, if you feel confident and happy then it will be bright blue or green!

What each aura colour means:

An aura is a unique energy field that surrounds every person. The colours you see in an aura are related to the emotions you feel at any given time, with red being the most intense colour. The meaning behind these colours are as follows:

Red: You are feeling anger or rage. This colour also indicates that you may be experiencing physical pain or illness. However, a person with a bright red aura can also generally be very passionate and confident.

Orange: You may be feeling a sense of urgency or need for change in your life. This colour could also indicate that you’re dealing with some sort of personal loss.

Dark green: On the other hand, if someone has a dark green aura, they might have some hidden issues or be struggling to find their place in life.

Lighter green: light green could mean health, vitality, growth and a list of positive emotions and promising future.

Yellow: Yellow is a colour that has many meanings. It can signify happiness, creativity, success and positivity but it can also mean jealousy or anger.

Blue: Blue is one of the most common colours in the aura, but there are many other shades that are just as important. When you see dark blue around someone, this could mean that they are feeling sadness or depression. However at times a brighter and nicer shade of blue could mean peace and serenity.

White: This is a rare colour for a person’s aura and it is famously known for meaning peace and purity.

A more general assumption is that people with a dark aura around them are generally more negative, whereas someone with a bright aura is generally more positive.

An aura is made up of colours that have different meanings to them. This is believed to mean that some time each colour has a different meaning for each person, so it is important not to take the meaning of the aura colours displayed here too seriously. 

Bottom line:

Aura colours are also useful in figuring out how to get along with people better by understanding their personalities better and what they’re thinking about or how they’re feeling.

Auras can be seen as a person’s energy field or life force. It is not just limited to humans, but also animals and even objects. Objects can have an aura if they have been used around an intense emotion of pain, sadness or joy too often for a long period of time. 

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