5 affordable ways of traveling every year

travelling more often on a budget

Traveling is a great way to change your daily routine, put aside all your responsibilities and just have fun by remembering how diverse and wonderful the world is. So why don’t we do it more often? Well, the first reason that comes to people’s minds is the lack of money.

Travelling, especially to another country, can be quite expensive, especially if you’re taking your whole family. This takes us to the second reason people find for not traveling more.

There’s this idea that the time for traveling in our lives is either: before settling down and having kids or when we retire and our children have grown up. These are very reasonable explanations, but they shouldn’t stop you from making the trip of your dreams or just getting away one week per year to explore a new place, even with your spouse and the little ones at times!

5 ways to afford travelling more often:

Here are 5 affordable ways of traveling every year that might help you figure out a way to make your dream trips come true.

1. Plan a trip with your friends, so you can divide the cost equally:

It’s natural to think that you’d initially make the trip alone, especially if you’re young, fearless, single and you just really want to visit that destination. But have you taken into account that, you can convince your closest friends with whom you always have a great time, and make it cheaper and more fun?

If they are your close friends, it probably won’t take much convincing for them to go with you. This way, all of you can financially contribute towards the trip and you can have access to more activities that you wouldn’t be able to afford if you were traveling alone. If this sounds great then check out our article on how to organise a group trip on a budget, now!

2. Destination vs. Accommodation:

Apart from plane tickets or the cost of fuel if you travel by car, the expense that is the most costly is the hotel or resort you’ll be staying in. Of course, you want to be accommodated in a comfortable place during your trip, but why don’t you stop for a second and think about the real purpose of this trip.

If your main goal for the trip is to relax in a hotel or a resort so you can enjoy the pool, spa, and restaurants included, then it is worth it to book a nicer accommodation. However, is it even worth going to another country just to add plane tickets to the mix, when you can do all and book the best hotel to stay in, all in your local city?

You may indeed live in a cold region of your country and you want to enjoy the sun and a relaxing break, but in this case you can still look for hotels in your own country.

If you are visiting another country to learn more about it, dive into its atmosphere, learn about the culture and interact with the locals, why would you spend a lot of money for a place that you’ll just sleep at? Before going on your trip, search for comfortable but cheaper lodgings, which will surely reduce the total cost of your trip. Nonetheless, make sure you’ll be safe, secure and that you’ll stay healthy while sleeping there.

3. Use every discount you can find:

Just a small search will show you plenty of discounts you can have in museums, tours, and even restaurants. Traveling with children can seem daunting due to multiple aspects and factors, and one of them is because we tend to think that the trip will be much more expensive.

However, many attractions offer discounts or even free tickets for children and the same goes for restaurants and hotels.

If you’re a student you should use this time of your life to travel, not just because you don’t have many responsibilities, but also because many places offer big discounts to students. 

4. Pick a job that will consist of you moving to another country:

If you still didn’t read our article on the importance of studying abroad as a life experience, then click here and feel free to scroll through it maybe after you finish reading this one!

When we think about traveling, working is not one of the things we imagine doing during our trip. However, if you are still finding your ideal career, then why not experiment with different jobs in other countries.

You could work in the tourism industry in almost any country; as a receptionist even just thanks to your ability to speak English! Or, you can even become an au-pair in another country. Not only will you be in the country you have been dreaming of visiting, but you will also be making money, adapting and spending a longer time living your dream! This is definitely worth it compared to a more traditional vacation.

5. Teach your native language in another country:

You might think that nobody wants to learn how to speak your native language, but you’d be surprised. You just have to wisely select the country and find institutes that are looking for teachers of your native language or just going on the freelance route.

Either way, you will have a way to support yourself for as long as you want to stay in a different country and the only skill you need is the your native language! That should not be difficult, given the fact that you speak it practically since you were born.

In the end, don’t forget to check out our article about whether it’s better to travel more often and enjoy life or save money and invest, if you’re indecisive!

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