5 things that Portuguese people are famous for!

Portuguese people famous for

Knowing what to expect from the native people of the country you’re visiting is key. Either for a practical sense, so you can know how you’re going to be welcomed and how to talk to people, or just because you want to turn this visit into a nice experience.

For better or worse, a country’s people play a big part in making your trip a good and unforgettable one. So, if you’re planning on visiting Portugal know that the Portuguese people won’t pose any obstacles.

If you still need some convincing, we have below five positive things that the Portuguese are famous for.

5 things to know about Portuguese people:

1. Portuguese people are very welcoming

Maybe it’s because of Portugal’s History during the conquests. Portugal started to receive people from almost all the continents of the world at some point in history. It is no secret that be it for the people of a much lower social class that were freed, or free richer people trying to make a better living in the nation’s capital, there were big waves of foreigners that were poured on Portugal.

This has made Portuguese people used to seeing different faces. Or, it could also be that Portugal has been investing in the tourism sector in the past decades, which brings immense joy when the Portuguese see that their country was chosen as a tourists destination.

Either way, the truth is, once you arrive in Portugal and need help, don’t hesitate to ask the locals. They will eagerly give you directions, show you good places to eat or even nice and reputable hotels to stay. They will even give you some tips regarding avoiding tourist traps, so you can save more money.

This is a country where you’ll easily make new friends and maybe even get a free place to stay, if you decide to come back.

2. They try to speak your language:

Some people argue that the Portuguese are genetically skilled at learning other languages. Some say that it’s because Portuguese is a hard language to learn, others say that since few people learn Portuguese as a second language, it is more encouraging for the locals to also to pick up some useful lines from other languages. This way they can also show off their linguistic skills when a foreigners surprise them with they second Portuguese language!

The knowledge of English overall is average, but you can find many young people who are fluent in English. This is an important common skill for today’s youth; as sometimes when we go to another country, we can always bet on English as the most spoken language worldwide! That goes even for countries where English is not the first language nor the second!

In Portugal, one way or another, you’ll be able to speak English with the locals. Of course, you will gain some extra points if you show them that you’re trying to learn Portuguese too.

3. Their love for football:

Of course, this is not an exclusive sport for the Portuguese, but if you want to make some friendships with them, know that football is a good topic to start a conversation with.

To give Portugal some credit, many world-famous football players are Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo is just the tip of the iceberg in a long list of names. The Portuguese take a lot of pride in their football teams and clubs and the football stadiums are always at its maximum capacity on game days.

The Portuguese organise meetings to watch and discuss the games and it’s very normal to walk on the street and see cafés with all TVs playing a football game.

4. They can be very talkative:

Due to their easy-going nature, the Portuguese are very relaxed and always try to put a smile on the faces for others, even if they did not have the best of days. The Portuguese are very careful with the way they welcome people, always wanting to give them a great impression. And one of the techniques they use is to strike conversations with newcomers.

As invasive as this might sound, the Portuguese are very respectful and never mean to pry, they just want you to make others feel at ease. So again; know that, at any moment, you can ask them a question or for help.

If you go to Portugal you’ll notice that it’s very common for people to sit in cafés or restaurants and chat for hours, even though they have already finished eating their meal.

5. They love wine:

This one may not seem like a surprise to you, as all countries from the south of Europe produce great wine and love to drink it as well. But Portugal comes at the top of all those countries as it is the one that drinks most wine in a year, worldwide!

There’s plenty of wine available wherever you go to Portugal and a big variety too. You won’t be disappointed when you try the Portuguese wines and if you think this won’t be possible due to a lack of money, think again. Even great quality Portuguese wines can be sold at a price that is reasonable and affordable to many.

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