Pros and cons of living in the USA

pros and cons of living in the USA

The United States of America is home to the brave and the free. Many Americans still feel that these words are true, even some immigrants do as well.

The USA is portrayed as the creator of modern western culture and everyone who consumes an American product or watches an American movie or TV show feels like they are diving into a piece of American culture and thus, getting to know the country. This is how many have fallen in love with the American dream or the American lifestyle stereotype.

But, hearing and seeing parts of the American culture, doesn’t give a true whole idea of how it would be to up and move to the US when you’re a foreigner. If you’re planning on moving to the USA either because you got a job that requires you to relocate, or because you heard about new opportunities in your field of work, you must feel excited!

However, you should also be aware that this country has its pros and cons for living there. 

Pros of living in the USA:

Some of the things you would benefit from moving to the USA would be:

A variety of cultures:

It’s not recently that people started going to the USA in search of a better life. This country was formed based on immigration diversity and including of the different, exotic, unfamiliar and foreign from the beginning. This resulted in the USA being called a melting pot or a tapestry of cultures, races, and languages.

In the USA people take pride in their origins and, even if they were born there, they know where their ancestors originally came from. This means, that you will blend in just right as everyone is different and unique.

An interesting fact is that the USA doesn’t have an official language, even though English is widely spoken. There’s a big chance of finding a community of people who share the same first language as you.

Advanced Technology and Medicine:

The Medical and Technology field in the USA has achieved outstanding innovations, that can save and improve the lives and health of many people. If you’re specialized in one of these fields, then the USA can be the ideal country to move up in your career.

With all the advancements they’re always looking for qualified workers. Besides this, the USA is a place that hundreds of people travel to; so they can have access to better medical treatment, that may not be available in their home country.

The beautiful differences between each state and the other:

The USA is probably one of the countries where it’s easy to spend your vacation without leaving the country. Without having to go to another country, you can go skiing, sunbathe at the beach or camping in the middle of a forest.

If you want to take the opportunity of spending your vacations in the USA couple of times, before moving it would be great. You will have lots of places and states to explore, with all their fun differences and you will get to know so many different groups of people with different stories to share.

The cons of living in the USA:

However, as good as the pros of living in the USA are, they can be not enough to convince you to move there, there are some strong cons to take into consideration:

Not always so welcoming:

As much as we want to accept the country, as a beautiful mix of cultures and ethnicities, and state how everyone is immediately accepted, the USA have a history of not a perfect treatment to minorities. Though those times have passed and there are laws against this type of behaviour now, it will take more time to abolish all extremist opinions or oppressive behaviours some people may display.

If you feel that you might be able to handle possible animosity towards you just because of factors out of your control or your religion, and political views then it can be successful for you to live there. This, of course, all depends on the state you choose and even the town you’re planning on moving to, so choose these carefully.

Plus let’s not forget that extreme close-minded people exist all over the globe, so it the USA is no exception here.

The healthcare system:

This is probably one of the biggest flaws of the USA as a country, if we want to call it that. The country does not have a public healthcare system like the UK, for instance. So medical insurance can be extremely expensive and doesn’t even cover some medical tests or meds.

Unfortunately, it’s very common for people to go into debt if they have health issues and try to look for alternative treatments, that can prove unsuccessful. Some companies offer good insurance plans to their employees, but that’s not a rule.

Studies have even shown that some married couples will prefer not to get divorced even when they’d rather do. And that could be for reasons such as the medical insurance that a spouse has thanks to his job or career and that the other partner can also benefit from… only as long as they’re married!

Very populated cities:

Highly populated cities can be very appealing but, somehow, they’re not the best thing about the USA. They are sometimes kept dirty, uncleaned and neglected since the waste management system is not very well organised. They can be very polluted, which can aggravate some health issues.

Additionally, the crime rate in a few big cities is one of the highest worldwide. So if you plan on moving there alone or if you have children that will have to go to school by themselves; this might be concerning. And rightly so.

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