5 reasons to visit Portugal sooner than later

reasons to visit Portugal

Have you decided that you will take a few days off for a vacation abroad, but still haven’t decided the country you should visit? Or perhaps you’re down to a few choices and one of the options is Portugal?

Either way, if Portugal is an option then you’re heading the right way for unforgettable holidays, but if you’re not familiar with the country, we understand that you want to keep your options open.

In the end, we’re here to help you make a final decision and, from our point of view, why not choose Portugal as your next vacation destination?! Especially, if you have never been and want to explore a new culture and place.

We’ve gathered five reasons as to why you should visit Portugal that covers all the great aspects of this westernmost country in Europe.

5 reasons to visit Portugal next:

1. The beauty of nature:

Though relatively small, Portugal has different types of nature and greenery; throughout its territory. It can resemble more a forest up north and it presents a more Mediterranean nature the further you go south. Of course, if you include the islands of Portugal, you can find breathtaking nature in the Azores, which was greatly influenced by the volcanic activity and the beautiful beaches in Madeira; which is located in the southmost part of Portugal.

If what you want to enjoy in Portugal is a quiet time surrounded by nature so you can disconnect from the world and relax it’s easy to do that by going camping. Knowing how beautiful Portugal’s nature is, the country is filled with camping sites with great accommodations. All you have to do is pick an area and go.

One thing that many tourists who love camping do in Portugal is the opportunity of getting to know the whole country by staying at different camping sites.

2. The food:

Even though not many Portuguese dishes are known globally, what is known about Portuguese gastronomy is that everything tastes fresh. Due to its geographical location, it’s not difficult to imagine that it’s possible to get a good variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Not only that, Portugal has fantastic fish dishes to offer due to its vast coastal area. One thing that captures tourists’ hearts is, the minute they taste fish prepared in Portugal, they won’t find taste freshness or much flavour in a fish dish from elsewhere anymore.

To top it all off, the selection of Portuguese bread is huge and the same goes for traditional desserts, which you should know, just in case, you have a sweet tooth. As you can see, it will be worth exploring Portuguese food while you’re visiting.

The truth is, Portuguese people are so used to eating fresh homemade food that they can recognise instantly whether the food was made on the day or stored and heated.

3. It’s affordable:

There are indeed some European countries that have cheaper prices or a lower cost of living, but Portugal is not that far off. Yes, it’s a country that gets a big part of its global income from tourism, so it is to be expected that touristic areas tend to be more expensive. However, overall, the accommodations, public transport, and attractions, such as museums have good prices and some places even offer discounts.

It’s easy to see the difference when you sit in a restaurant and look at the menu; in more touristic areas, as the prices would be higher than in an ordinary area. This only happens in the most visited countries of Europe, so it’s an aspect to take into account.

4. Historical monuments:

Portugal has more than nine hundred years of existence. So if you love History or just like exploring different monuments built at different times and centuries, Portugal has just that to offer.

You can visit monuments that date back to the thirteenth century in the North of Portugal, since that’s where the country was formed. Or you can visit Moorish castles in the southern regions from the time of the Islamic invasion and occupation. These can date even further back from before Portugal even existed as a country. There are also palaces from the eighteenth and nineteenth century on the most coastal regions.

All these monuments are so different in architecture, but you can learn a lot more when you’re there, since the tourists tours are well prepared and organised. Sometimes these include not just a guide but also an audio explaining all about history, while you explore the place.

5. Participate in wine tasting:

Did you know that Portugal is the European country that most consumes wine in a year? It may surprise you, but when you think about it, Portugal is known for its wines too.

It’s possible to visit some of the most famous vineyards of Portugal and taste its wine while you’re there. There are a lot of places to choose from, depending on the types of wine you like.

And what might also sound surprising is that you can ask for a glass of Portuguese wine, at any restaurant at a very reasonable price!

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