4 reasons to homeschool your kids

homeschooling kids

Some people find homeschooling controversial. They believe that only schools can offer appropriate education to healthy children. However, we are all different, we interact in different ways and have different needs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a standardised school system is not fit for everyone.

Maybe you were homeschooled yourself, and wouldn’t change it for the world so you are considering the same for your children. Or, maybe you’re realising that your life is changing and your busy schedule can only make you homeschool your kids. Here are some reasons to homeschool your kids.

4 benefits to homeschooling your kids:

1.  Your child stays up to date, while you travel:

You may think that you have all your life organised and settled and you don’t expect many changes moving forward. However, you never know what’s around the corner and sometimes you’ll suddenly have to relocate for your job. Or your partner gets an irrefutable job offer that will require them to be away for a long time.

If you want to keep your family together, which is understandable, you’ll probably have to homeschool your children for a while; until you find a good school to admit them.

Besides, this new stage of your life might require a lot of moving, and enrolling your children in too many schools might not be worth it or just absurd when they don’t even speak the first language of many of the countries you move to.

In this case, homeschooling will allow your kids to stay up-to-date and not miss out on anything, while you confidently take the best financial decisions possible for your family.

2. Your child benefits from learning in a place with fewer distractions:

As we’ve stated before, we’re all unique and have different needs. It’s healthy for children to interact with other children to help them develop social skills, but that’s not easy for everyone. If you notice that your kid is struggling at school, not exactly because they find it hard to follow classes, but because making new friends does not come as second nature to them.

Then it’s essential to not give up too quickly. However, if more than a year goes by and you don’t see any improvements or see your child getting sadder and hating going to school, then a good option could be to homeschool them. Another more serious situation is if your child is being bullied.

Some people argue that the answer is to stand up to your bullies, but everyone reacts in a different way and there are different levels of bullying. If you are aware of the grave consequences that bullying can do to the mental health of the victim, it’s only natural that you want to act quickly. By creating a safe and familiar place at home to teach your kids, they will feel more relaxed engaged and learn new skills and knowledge at their own pace and be happier overall.

Just because your kid doesn’t follow the same life chapters or phases other kids do, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. 

3. Guarantee access to high-quality education:

A very plausible reason to homeschool your kids is that at the moment they reach school age, you might live in a place that’s not very kid-friendly, with schools that don’t assure you that your kids will receive a quality education.

It doesn’t just have to be this scenario. Many observing parents have developed the idea that the school system at official schooling facilities has been decreasing in quality. This can be very concerning because you wish the best opportunities for your child and are afraid that the school environment might derail them from their goals.

This way, by homeschooling your kids, you can address the areas where they struggle the most as many times as you want. All the time dedicated to education is exclusively designed to be spent accordingly on your kids’ needs, which gives them more chances at excelling in all areas and subjects.

4. Your child might need to relocate a lot:

Have you ever wondered how children and teenagers who practice sports at a professional level finish school? Or child actors? While sometimes it’s possible for them to still attend school, many other times it’s just not possible because of the constant relocation.

If your child is happy with these extra-curricular activities then the best option won’t be to force them to go back to school and drop everything else. Instead, you can learn more about homeschooling and start teaching your child by yourself, while still following the national school curriculum.

Education is a very important investment in your child’s life, and will give them tools to pursue their dreams in the future, but school isn’t everything. The activities outside of school that your kids engage in are also important to develop new skills.

So, what’s important is to find a balance between these two aspects of your child’s life, and homeschooling is a great way to give your contribution and show how you support your child’s aspirations.

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