Is it a good idea to do two jobs to save more money?

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When you get a job you feel a thrill because you immediately visualize the things that you’ll be able to do and the financial goals you have been waiting to achieve for so long. However, not everything goes according to plan.

Sometimes you will be earning less than expected, which will make you take longer to save money, other times life gets in the way and you’ll have more expenses than you originally thought. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to get a second job to double their income.

It sounds very appealing to have one income to cover all your expenses and then another one just to help you and make life easier! But is it really worth it?

4 things to consider before applying for a second job:

1- You’ll be able to reach financial safety quickly:

The job market has seen better days regarding stability and dignified pay. You might start to feel drained by your current job and feel that you’re not earning enough money to have the life you want. But the truth is, changing jobs can be tricky and risky because there’s no guarantee that your new job will pay you better or that you’ll be able to find another one shortly.

So, to keep yourself financially stable, the first step may be to keep your current job. Whether you feel like it or not, you’re very lucky to have a job and it is a good thing to stay positive, grateful and count your blessings.

The next step to reach financial stability would be to get a second source of income. Many people think of passive income, which isn’t a bad idea, but that can take time, so you should try looking for freelance jobs or part-time jobs to work in your spare time.

2- You need to be prepared to have less free time and energy for your loves ones:

Of course, working two jobs is easier said than done. You’re just one individual, after all, working two jobs is most times meant for two different people. It will be normal to feel drained to the point of exhaustion, and this can lead to health issues.

Maybe start slow to see how much you can take on without jeopardising your health and wellbeing. Remember that you’re doing this to be able to save more money and not earn more money to in the end spend on healthcare and medication. Another thing that you need to expect is that some of the personal relationships you have outside of work might suffer or be put on hold.

Not only will you be tired and hungry by the end of the day, with your patience being stretched out to the limit, but you also won’t have as much free time to nurture your relationships with others. Balancing our personal life with our professional life is not an easy task and not many can do it. Reaching a state where you feel that you’re not neglecting much of your personal life either while excelling at your job, is ideal.

3- You won’t be in a state of constant stress due to financial worries:

Maybe the job you had was enough to live by at first, but life sometimes throws sudden changes at us and we just have to find a new way to deal with them. Maybe you had to move out and the rent of your new place is more expensive, maybe your children are starting University and you need to help support them financially. Maybe things took a bad turn at work and they cut back on salaries. Or maybe you suddenly have to help a family member with their medical bills.

Either way, there’s an endless list of possible events that could suddenly strike us and affect our wallet. You have to act quickly if you don’t want to get rid of essential things in your life and be able to have savings too. A second job is a good way to get that financial help fast, without relying on others’ pity or their willingness to help.

Sometimes you just need a little extra money to cover the rest of your monthly expenses and a part-time job will suffice. This way you will be more relieved and stress-free in your everyday life and that’s actually so precious and priceless!

4- You can learn new skills in your second job:

When we think about getting a second job, we don’t think about getting a job very different from the one we already have. But what would be a good idea while trying to look for a second job is to look for jobs that are slightly different from what you currently do and this way, you would be able to learn new skills.

Or maybe you can choose a smaller and responsibility-free thing to do like delivering pizza as a second part-time job. This way, you can reduce the mental stress that comes from your real source of income and don’t have to feel like you’re overworked or using your brain 24 hours a day.

In case you learn new skills on a more serious second job, not only can you add these skills to your CV, but you will also have a wider range of paths to consider when building your career.

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