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More often than not, Canada is compared to the USA when people are thinking of moving to the American continent. Many times, the country of choice for Americans to move happens to be Canada. And not just to them but a big portion of people from all over the world.

But what does this country has thats’ so special to have people from all over the world wishing to move there? Well, it’s not a very populated country, which gives the impression that there’s room for everyone.

Another thing that is known worldwide is the good quality of life in Canada, in fact, Canada always appears in the rankings of countries with the best quality of life. But since no country is perfect, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of living in Canada.

The pros of moving to Canada:

Starting with the pros, know that if you move to Canada, you will have access to:

Good and free healthcare:

Not only is the healthcare in Canada is really good, but it’s also public, meaning that you’ll have access to good medical care and attention solely paid by your taxes. When people live in countries without a universal healthcare system, they sometimes avoid going to the doctor to not go into debt.

In Canada, even if you don’t have medical insurance, going to the doctor is free; including dentistry and optometrists, plus other medical tests. Another great thing regarding the medical tests that aren’t free is that you will have access to medical insurance as soon as you’re employed by a company. Very often, companies and employers can and will cover the things that aren’t free when it comes to healthcare.

It’s a very safe country:

No country is completely safe, but Canada is certainly one of the safe ones; big cities included. If you’re used to living in a country where there’s a lot of street crime and there are certain places you avoid at certain hours, you won’t have near as many worries like that in Canada.

The police in Canada are very efficient and one thing that keeps the number of crimes low is that guns are only allowed under strict circumstances and after getting a license. People in Canada are genuinely nice and that’s probably due to the fact they feel safe and relaxed in their own country.

Education is free, including secondary years:

While it’s true that many countries have free education for all of primary and even sometimes secondary school; the institutions that offer it are always referred to it as: public schools. These can have a reputation for having a lot of bullying going on, and just generally not being safe nor offering quality education. So as soon as parents have the chance to pay for private schools for their children, they usually do.

They don’t think twice because they want to guarantee that their children have the best possible education. In Canada, you can find private schools as well, but a public school doesn’t mean that the curriculum and the teachers will be bad.

Public schools in Canada prepare children equally well for the business world or university. When it comes to university, tuition fees for undergraduate degrees aren’t very expensive and much of that cost can be cut down with scholarships.

Cons of moving to Canada:

Now let’s see if some of the cons of living in Canada are going to make you think twice about moving there:

Winters are extremely cold and harsh:

If you’ve never experienced a snowy winter, your first winters in Canada will be very hard to endure. The negative temperatures that can be reached are absurd and, some areas of Canada that don’t exclude the big cities; have snow blizzards every week. This can force people to stay at home, and, many times, there are power cuts that can last for a while.

Some people even get generators. If you’re prepared to wear many layers of clothes and to be isolated at home many times per year due to a blizzard that makes it hard for cars to drive in the snow, then nothing else will stop you from moving to Canada.

Very expensive living cost:

Like many countries with a high quality of life, the cost of living in Canada is extremely expensive. This is mainly due to the high tax rates that are charged and the relatively high prices of houses. Regarding taxes, people don’t mind that much, since they see the results of it in how amazing the country can be and in public healthcare.

When it comes to finding cheap housing, however, that’s practically impossible since the prices of houses are extremely high, so renting is the only option for many people.

Although, a good point in favor of Canada is that the average income is almost proportional to the cost of living.

There’s a chance you’ll need to know French:

As you might know if you plan on moving to Canada; the official language is not always English. Some parts of the Country are French-speaking areas and yes, even if you speak English with people who live there and even if they know English they will reply in French. That’s simply because they’re more comfortable speaking French or get worried they may make mistakes; when speaking English if they’re not used to it.

You probably think that as long as you avoid those regions you will be good just speaking English, but many good job opportunities might require good knowledge of French.

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