What is a VPN and what are the benefits of using it?

vpn benefits

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it makes it possible for you to browse the internet in anonymity and privacy as well, by creating a private network from a public internet connection. The way VPNs work is by concealing your IP address. This way your internet connection remains encrypted to ensure maximum privacy.

Just by doing this, a VPN service instantly becomes interesting, safe, give you privacy and confidentiality. If you spend a big part of your day on the internet; which, many of us do in this day and age, then it’s something that you should consider getting.

There are many benefits you can obtain by using a VPN. So, if you haven’t thought about all of them and are still indecisive about getting one, read through the benefits presented below to dissipate all your doubts.

The benefits of using a VPN:

1- A VPN enables you to change your location for streaming access:

This is probably the way VPN providers take to convince their prospects and potential customers to buy their services. The truth is, this is a great benefit when you are already pay for a streaming service or a TV programs provider. Sometimes there’s a TV show or a movie that is supposed to be on the platform or that your cousin that lives in Canada or a foreign country told you about but that you just cannot find or access.

Tv shows and programs’ availability may differ due to the country you’re in, all are not always available at all locations, even though you paid for the streaming service. Sometimes, if you speak a different language like Arabic or if that’s your first language then you won’t be able to find many shows or programs in that language if you live in a different country. However, By using a VPN you can easily change your geographical location and access the content you want to watch.

You could even consider physically travelling to another country just to download your favourite show. Or, you may be looking forward to that one trip back to your home country; because you want to watch TV shows and programs in your first language and reconnect with your culture. This way, if you get a VPN, nothing will stop you from watching your favourite shows from any country you want wherever you are at. 

2- It helps protect your devices:

This applies to all the devices you need to have protected, as your desktop sometimes contains private documents, passport copies, your CV or more sensitive information that you don’t want to fall in the wrong hands. It’s normal to think that an anti-virus program is enough to keep your devices protected, but in most cases it only protects from viruses and not smart and organised attacks that hackers can target you with, on the internet.

If you think about it, anyone can access your bank account, your work email, and other important websites password while using your devices. In fact, even miles away from your computer or devices some cybercriminals can still access this info with the right knowledge and tools at hand. If you’re not using a VPN, it will be even easier.

By using a VPN you can be protected every time you access internet and that’s especially important when you’re using a public source of Wi-Fi in a café or mall, for example. 

3- Protect your browsing history:

We are led to believe that by just opening an incognito tab on your internet browser no one will be able to see and or check our internet history. While this is true to a certain extent, your internet service provider can easily access your browsing history, if need be, even if you had been using your internet browser in incognito mode.

However, this would no longer be possible to do; and not even through your internet service provider, if you simply use a VPN. The only way for the government or anyone to access your browsing history would be to ask for it directly from your VPN service. Some VPN services save your browsing history on their servers, but not all of them do.

So, if you care about hiding your activity online which should be something you’re capable of, if that’s what you want then make sure you use a VPN service. And make sure your VPN provider has a clause in their terms and conditions; stating that they won’t even save your browsing history on their servers, if you want to go that extra mile.

4- Using a VPN can shelter you from identity theft:

Every year that passes we are more and more dependent on internet, either for our jobs, for keeping in touch with friends and family or to have access to entertainment. Even if you tried, it would probably be impossible to avoid internet use in your life. But with the rise of frequent internet users, the number of scammers and hackers has also increased. This shouldn’t be a problem for you, if you have your devices properly protected with a VPN. 

You should be aware that, as soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi you are vulnerable to cyber attacks or scammers and that risk is even bigger when you connect your device to a public Wi-Fi network. To be realistic, we can’t always be using our mobile data so, logically, we are going to connect our devices to one Wi-Fi or another.

The way a VPN works is that it helps protect you against identity theft by creating a type of encrypted road through which all the data you send will go, hence immediately sheltering your activity from hackers and internet thieves. Even though you can never be sure that you are completely protected from cyber attacks, using a VPN service will surely give you peace of mind every time you connect your devices to a public or even private Wi-Fi network.

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