5 benefits of waking up early during your days off!

benefits of waking up early

Are you a morning or evening person? Whatever you think, always keep in mind that a proper sleep schedule; not only increases energy levels and productivity, but can also improve one’s overall lifestyle. Proof of this is that: many celebrities admit that waking up in the morning has profoundly changed their lives.

Fashionable business leaders swear by this practice and even attribute their success to it. In fact, a few even call it the recipe for their success! But you don’t have to be the head of a big, crazy company to enjoy the benefits of waking up early. Anyone can try it, even if it sounds like a chore at first and then you can decide whether you like it or not.

5 benefits to waking up earlier:

Here’s a short, unpretentious list of some good reasons to set your alarm to an early hour, even during your days off!

You’ll have time for physical activity:

Getting up at dusk allows you to integrate physical activity into your morning routine. Check out this amazing article on how to wake up on the right foot and make the best out of an early, peaceful and joyful morning.

While some people make a quick trip to the gym before heading to work, others prefer to put on their running shoes and head out for a quick jogging session. These people will have a front row seat to see the sun make its appearance, and get the early fresh morning breeze to caress their hair.

You can also choose to spend your early precious minutes to take out the yoga mat and wake up slower with meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking, all in the comfort of your home. The benefits of this morning workout will be felt throughout the day.

You’ll have more energy:

Rest means energy and a good mood. Forget coffee: the key to feeling truly relaxed and energised; is to go to bed and wake up early. Finding a balanced sleep routine will increase your productivity levels throughout the day, as it will give you the time and energy to accomplish more of your daily goals at a faster pace.

Our bodies need to be energised, but our minds are always left behind. The quietness and freshness of an early day-off morning will give you the mental break you deserve from a hectic and busywork life. This can also be a perfect time to take a moment to self-reflect or even make life-changing decisions. Check out our article on the importance of self-reflection and having an awakened consciousness.

When our morning routine allows time for mindfulness, meditation and relaxation exercises or making a to-do list, for example, we start the day with more serenity, peace discipline and organisation.

You have time to accomplish more:

The most notorious early risers mention the spectacular effects they observe on their productivity or their creativity, when they wake up early.

It’s true that making the most out of one or two hours that are particularly important and determinant to concentration at the beginning of the day; allows you to do more. It could help complete creative tasks, tackle bigger tasks, move a project forward or even simply clean up an overflowing e-mail box.

There are fewer interruptions at this time of the day, leaving us free to focus on our priorities and activities.

Time to Learn:

We’ve been toying with the idea of improving our skills for ages, but we keep citing lack of time as a barrier. Here is the opportunity to take action.

The range of courses, webinars and other training platforms available online is vast, and you can take them at your own pace, according to the schedule that suits you.

If you simply like to learn and enrich your knowledge, without any specific goal, you can offer yourself the pleasure of waking up before the entire household to savour a moment of reading. A simple pleasure that can within reach for all early risers.

It gives you time to Organise your day:

Preparing a shepherd’s pie for dinner, doing the week’s ironing, filling out insurance renewal forms online: These are all daily chores that can be done in the morning.

The urge to get out of bed to do these things may not be there when the alarm goes off, but having more relaxed family time on weekends will be well worth the effort.

How do you develop the habit of getting up early?

– Trying to become an early riser overnight can be painful. By gradually moving your alarm only 10 or 15 minutes forward, can let your body get used to the change gradually. This will rise your chances of success dramatically.

– To motivate yourself to get out of your comfort zone, establish a pleasant morning ritual. For some, this may mean stepping under a hot shower, while for others, it may mean leisurely brewing their first cup of coffee.

– Waking up early also means going to bed early. For a healthy night routine, you should also think about changing your habits and sleeping patterns. In other words, being early in the morning is just as important as going to bed early in the evening!

– Choosing an alarm time is an art. It depends on your personal preferences, whether you like to get out of Morpheus’ arms to the rhythm of a slow crescendo or whether you’re more the type to choose a loud and brutal song to shake you out from your dreams, the choice is yours.

In conclusion, getting up early can offer you many benefits for both mental and physical health. The hardest part is adopting this precious habit and setting up a night routine. But believe it or not, you won’t regret it, once you put these tips into practice!

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