How to gain weight the fast and healthy way!

gain weight in the right places

While many people are looking to lose weight, others would like to gain weight quickly. There may be several reasons for this, the main one being to maintain a healthy weight and stay healthy, if your metabolism happens to be a fat one naturally.

Men or women: we are not all equal when it comes to weight gain. Research is therefore looking into solutions that are suitable for everyone, and others that are more specific to either men alone or women alone. This article reveals the keys to gaining weight naturally.

Tips to gain weight:

Your gender matters… on this occasion, at least!

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, men and women are not equal when it come to the scale. When it comes to losing or gaining weight, our efforts are not the same. The difference is essentially in our hormonal reactions and our morphology.

In order to gain weight, men can allow themselves to be less ‘fussy’ about what they eat. They will have to be careful not to overindulge, but they are less likely to build up body fat. They will have to consume more calories than they burn, and that’s just it: men usually burn calories easier than women.

Men who want to gain weight are often advised to double the portions on their plates. Their metabolism consumes more energy at rest and during exercise: to gain weight quickly, they must eat, and that’s all. Cardio is not recommended, for a man that wants to put on weight fast. However, it is better to stay away from bad habits that encourage quick abdomen fat built-up; like drinking liquids during meals rather than minutes after or before.

On the other hand; women are more sensitive and prone to fast weight gain, which can be an advantage when trying to put on a few pounds. But beware, we are talking about fat tissue here. In order to gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way, it is important to ensure that your muscles also grow rather than accumulating fat alone!

To do this, women must be more careful about what they eat, favour protein sources and avoid junk food. They will also have to put in more physical efforts to develop their muscle mass.

In any case, to gain weight quickly, they can rely on their metabolic characteristics and their hormones. Increase the portions on your plate, opt for the products we will detail in the following sections and do exercise regularly. One last tip: choose sports that build up muscle, especially if you’re trying to round up your curves and put on the right amount of weight in the right places.

How to gain weight naturally?

Here are some tips and habits to put in place if you want to gain weight quickly, but also sustainably. The aim of these tips is to help you get back to your ideal weight after an unwanted weight loss, while remaining in perfect health!

Men and women are not equal when it comes to weight gain, like explained before. Different tips and food recommendations are therefore advised for men or women, despite both genders having a common goal in this case. However, this article is more of a general approach for both.

Before you start, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to see if you are underweight. If not, and you find out that you’re in a healthy weight range; then it is not recommended to seek weight gain, as it comes with health risks and bad consequences in the long term. Being at a good weight range is always preferable to being overweight, even if you think that your body shape, your body type or your body proportions are not to your liking.

Health always comes before vanity, so make sure you only seek weight gain if you fall under the underweight category when calculating your BMI. But beware: BMIs are not always an ideal indicator for very muscular men or women. So you can rely on measuring your body proportions with an impedance meter, to have a better idea.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Gaining weight is not just about getting fat. Gaining weight can be dangerous to your health, especially if it is done the wrong way. To maintain your health while regaining a healthy weight, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. How can you do this?

By practising regular physical activity and eating a balanced and varied diet. Don’t rush to eat fatty foods, sugary snacks or fast food at every meal: this would be a huge mistake. Opt for avocados, potatoes, protein sources and healthy nutritious food instead to gain weight in the right places, promote muscle growth if you’re a man or develop some curves, if you’re a woman.

You will probably put on weight, increase your cholesterol levels, eliminate toxins and avoid health problems.

Reviewing your diet and its basics:

If you continue to lose weight, while you badly need to regain it, there is probably something wrong with your diet. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or a nutritionist for advice on how to better choose and compose your meals.

This is essential. Indeed, to gain weight quickly, sustainably and healthily, you must not eat just anything at any time! Resume healthy habits over time, and opt for good fats and healthy sources of sugar, like fruits. You will need to increase the variety of foods you eat, for more nutrition. This way your body, hair, nails and skin can benefit from your weight gain journey rather than get fatty fast food and worthless calories.

To gain weight naturally, you will need to consume more calories than your body burns, each day. Choose energy-dense foods, which contain the most calories for smaller amounts. These foods can be very fatty and you need to choose them carefully. It could be peanut butter, natural jam, fruits, smoothies, etc.

Opt for oily fish, meat, poultry legs, wholemeal bread, cereals, vegetables and starchy foods. Choose sweet potatoes, green peas, potatoes and red meats. Eat dried or rich fruits such as avocado, grapes, bananas, olives often and as snacks, between meals and don’t neglect good oils.

Finally, drink fruit and vegetable juices, soups, and take natural food supplements if needed for rapid weight gain.

Eat protein and focus on muscle growth:

Revisiting your diet is a good start. But you need to choose the best foods too. To consume more calories than you burn, you will also need to rely heavily on protein. Protein is the most important nutrient for healthy weight gain, as it is needed for muscle growth and muscle development.

By consuming more protein, you can feed your muscles and allow them to grow in the right places. This is essential for healthy weight gain: fat is not the only thing that weighs on the scale. In fact, fat is the last thing you’d want to accumulate as it will only mess up your body shape.

Choose healthy sources of protein such as cereals, legumes, oilseeds, seeds, dried fruits and nuts, etc. You will also find them in meat, fish, seafood, dairy products and eggs.

Exercise and continue building muscle mass:

To gain weight naturally, you need to rebalance your diet and develop new habits. Don’t stop exercising: contrary to what you might think, exercise is an ally in weight gain! Physical activity reduces your blood sugar level, but will also stimulate your appetite. It’s what you put on your plate that will be the determining factor.

Mealtime is approaching, but you’re not hungry? Go out and get some fresh air and exercise to wake up your appetite!

Moreover, sport is a healthy ally that allows you to stay in shape and look proportional, despite the weight gain. It will eliminate a large part of the sugar consumed, allow the metabolism to function optimally and guide you towards more frequent snacks during the day.

In addition, it protects your cardiovascular health from the bad elements in your diet; and it is essential for a healthy and natural weight gain. Please note that we are talking about moderate, and therefore normal, activity or exercise and more in the form of weights-lifting rather than cardio. If you want to gain weight then cardio can be counterproductive, as it burns the calories you’re trying to turn into weight gain.

It should not be excessive, nonetheless. Certain sports such as bodybuilding encourage muscle mass gain, which weighs heavily on the scale. Develop your muscles to gain weight more quickly.

Things to remember:

Men or women: we are not equal when it comes to gaining or losing weight. However, if you want to gain weight naturally, you should not fall into the trap of junk, fatty or sugary processed food.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a balanced diet and exercise routine and do it the right way. You will especially need to increase the frequency and quantity of your meals, and increase the number of snacks during the day. But, once again: focus on good fats and naturally rich foods.

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