When he says:”My love language is physical touch”

my love language is physical touch

When a man tells you something like: ”my love language is physical touch”, or ”I am a tactile person” or anything of this sort trying to give you a heads-up that he wants to touch you: Run!

The best thing to do in this type of situation is to run for your life. You cannot give the time of a day to someone who talks to you with so much entitlement. Anyone that may be implying that you have to give them physical access to your body if you want a chance at being ”loved” by them: is a walking red flag.

If a man insists on the fact that he is very tactile or that he likes physical touch, then he is clearly implying that you should let him squeeze you everywhere and as he pleases.

If you’re not convinced by this or if you think that you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, then please reconsider! A man of this type is a clear pervert and here are 5 reasons to convince you more that he is not worth your time.

1- He warned you that he’d come for it:

When someone gives us a glimpse of their true colors then we should believe them. If a man is warning you that he will be coming for your skin and body, then you better believe him!

A man in the best and most expensive suit, looking like a gentleman and smelling like fresh cologne still has no class; the moment something like that leaves his lips.

2- He may blackmail you, regarding bigger matters soon:

You have to keep in mind that a man that has no shame ”blackmailing you” into letting him touch you, in exchange for his attention or time may do more sinister things in the future.

The bottom line is that you don’t need the attention or the time of a person like that anyway. Do yourself a favor and stay away from him. The worst possible thing you could do is to feel pressured or forced into giving in. There’s no gain that will come out of that, but possibly a lot of harm.

3- He only wants to have fun:

A man that is interested in you in the long run or that is more likely to want to have something serious with you is not going to dare say something insensitive. He will not want to ruin his chances with you or scare you off.

Men are not dumb and clumsy. They know exactly what they’re doing, saying, and the risks they are taking. Especially when there’s a charming woman that got a man’s attention on the line. Almost any man would do anything to make a woman he truly likes reciprocate his feeling.

That’s why chances are a man that is truly interested in more than a couple of fun nights with you, will not take any chances of saying something so daring. He will respect you and wait to see which direction you take him.

4- He has used the same line with other girls, before:

Unfortunately, a man that tells you something like that has probably used that line before with others. And, what’s worse is that it may have worked on other girls or women and that’s why he’s using it again on you.

So don’t be another naive victim and ask directly about their expectations and the type of relationship they want. It’s preferable that you do that without giving hints about your own preferences. Because they may imitate and reflect the same interests as you and lie but end up wasting your time.

Also, a man that mentions his past partners and exes in a negative way, may have a long list of people he’s proud of having lied to and manipulated. So even though he will never admit that to you, he still finds comfort and satisfaction in mentioning them to you even if it’s to portray them as the crazy or bad ones instead.

Nevertheless, one look into this guy’s WhatsApp would probably show you how much of a player he prides himself to be in group conversations with his male friends.

Bottom line:

If you have been with your partner for many months or years before they said something like that, it is still okay. As it can be a message they’re trying to send you about wanting to rekindle love and rebuild the physical attraction in your relationship.

However, if you just met this man or date and you’re still getting to know each other and he drops this line on you then run. In this case, there are high chances that that person is only looking for fun and not even wanting to be direct or honest about it. That’s why they’re selling you dreams of a good long relationship or love story ”but only” if you give in and accept that they will expect this and that…

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