3 ways to transform your relationship with money

attract money mindset

Money is a topic that many people avoid, but it is important to understand the type of mindset you should have about it, to attract it rather than push it away.

It is a common belief that money is the root of all evil. But in reality, it’s our relationship with money that can be problematic. Money is not just paper or coins, it’s energy with an intention behind it. When you are able to change your relationship with money, you will be able to create more abundance in your life.

With this article, you will be able to understand money better and make better decisions about your finances. This will in return make you attract more earnings, profit, and wealth and break the cycle of financial struggle.

The right mindset to attract money and financial freedom:

1. Think of money as controllable and easy to make more of:

The idea that money is a finite resource is false. It is an unlimited resource. You can make more of it by simply having more sources of income. You may read this and think “Yes, but that’s still difficult”, and we would disagree.

Money is something that we can calculate and put into numbers. So making less money than you wish to, can simply be a mathematical equation that needs solving. You need to make sacrifices, in order to be able to save and invest, this way you will start making a little more than you already do now. Or, if you want to get there faster you can sell valuable stuff you own rather than just save, or even take a second job, to speed up the process.

The perspective that we’re taking here is that you can accurately predict how much money you can make, and take decisions to alter that. For example, if you quit your job today then it is fair to say you will not make the salary you make off of it next month and the month after that. In the same way, if you created a new source of income for yourself and kept your current job too, then you can make more than you make now.

The thing is that money is thankfully not something like “luck”, which is a vague notion that we have no control of and that we may be privileged enough to have or not. Yes, we may be privileged to be born into a rich family but if not, we can also focus on the right priorities, stay driven, motivated, mathematically calculate what we need to do to get to a specific financial stage in our life and work towards that. In the end, if we do this and put in the work, then we will have a high chance of making a decent living.

If you save money, live frugally, and then accumulate enough of it to make even the cheapest safe investment out there: you will create a new source of income. In fact, you can guarantee a new source of income and even predict exactly how much you’d be making next so that you can save again and repeat the process as much as needed.

For this reason, it is absurd to just give up or be in a victim mentality about money. If you want to make more money and you’re healthy enough to go out there and create ways of doing so, by making sacrifices, then you will. Maybe sacrificing more free time or weekends by doing a second job is an option for you.

If not, Reselling stuff of value that you own and saving a little to re-invest all smartly is another option. And, these are just ways to start gradually growing your current income. After you take the first step and guarantee your first-ever secondary source of income, you can then repeat the process and grow your monthly income gradually.

Over time, it will start taking you less and less time to invest than it did at the start because you’d already been ripping the benefits of having more than one source of income. And, this is what makes that first step the hardest. In the end, you should not treat the subject of money like something that you have no control of whatsoever.

You should truly embed in your mind the fact that it is possible for you to make more if that’s what you wish for. And, you need to understand that you’re not stuck, doomed, or bound to be broke forever. You may come across other people that are in this mind space about themselves and truly believe so, you specifically should never believe that this is true for yourself.

2. Save as much money as possible, but not on the detriment of your health or loved ones:

Money is a powerful tool that we can use to create the life we want. It is also a tool that many of us feel deeply frustrated and conflicted about. We all have different beliefs and attitudes about money, which can lead to unhealthy patterns of behavior around spending and saving.

Saving is a good thing as we discussed and demonstrated earlier. However, saving every single penny you make to the point where your loved ones and yourself are suffering for being so cheap, is problematic. It can even become toxic and create a type of unconscious resentment or negative energy in your mind surrounding money.

This not only makes your relationship with money toxic, but it will also affect your relationship with your loved ones. It’s one thing not to make that impulsive expensive purchase, but it’s another to only eat, use and buy very cheap and low-quality products. Living a lifestyle that’s way below your means can become draining and tiring as you will unconsciously feel you’re not getting rewarded for your hard work.

That’s why it is important that once you reach some sort of financial relief and are okay enough to afford a good place to live, you go and do just that. And, you can still compromise on other things or things you think are unnecessary, not needed, or don’t matter much to you given your personality type.

In other words, you can choose not to spend your hard-earned money on high fashion or expensive stuff but your standards of living matter. This is to say that the place where you live should always reflect your means. Obviously, it shouldn’t be something you cannot afford or way above your means, but it shouldn’t be below your means either.

Living in a place that reflects your real financial capacity, can act as a daily therapeutic reminder of how hard you worked to get there. It can be a great motivation too for you to work even harder as you would’ve personally seen on a daily basis how much your life can change with a bit more money.

Also, spending money to improve your quality of living and to meet your close loved ones’ needs or even treat them occasionally, should be a thing! Money is made to enjoy in the end, so once you’re in a stable enough financial spot don’t cling onto it either. As mentioned before, think of it as something you’re in full control of. This way you will believe you can make more if needed, and you will allow yourself to enjoy it with your family to some extent.

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3. Don’t ever be sad or experience a negative emotion because of money:

We often have this idea that we can’t be happy if we don’t have enough money or if we don’t have a lot of money. But there are many people who live in poverty and they are some of the happiest people on the planet. So it’s not necessarily true that having a lot of money is going to make you happy.

In fact, it may make you greedy and want more because there will always be something unaffordable, very expensive or that buying would make you ruin your financial plans of investing earlier.

In the end, the place for money to be is in your pocket, so don’t keep it in your heart or make it too dear to you, that it would annihilate you to lose some of it unexpectedly. Remember, anything can happen in life, so be ready to deal with a few unexpected losses or pay some hidden unexpected fees here or there during your journey.

Being someone who cannot move on easily after having made a bad financial deal or mistake, can make you miserable. And, no amount of money will help a person like this be happy, content, grateful, or at peace with what they achieved so far.

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