5 habits to keep up with your pet’s wellbeing

pet wellbeing

There’s no doubt that, as soon as we take a new pet home, we will treat them as precious members of our family forever. However, sometimes we can be a little lost or confused as to what we need to do to ensure that our pet lives a long and healthy life.

Be it a cat, a dog, a hamster, or even a bird, there are a few habits that you need to start practicing to ensure that your pet is a part of most of your family memories for the longest possible time. Below, we present five habits that you can start implementing in your routine to make sure that you keep up with your pet’s wellbeing.

Maybe, after reading through all of them, you will come up with even more things to improve the quality of life of your pet, their health, happiness, and their love for you.

Ways to keep up with your pet’s wellbeing:

1. Taking them to the veterinary regularly for a check-up:

The amount of annual veterinary check-ups that you need to take your pet to, may vary depending on the animal you have. If you have a dog, usually it’s advisable to take them to the vet at least three times a year. But if you have a cat one or two times should be enough, depending on if your cat is a house cat or gets out of the house every day.

These regular check-ups are essential for administering vaccines that prevent parasitic diseases. Also, you should also take them as an opportunity to report to your vet if you have seen some changes in your pet’s behavior or eating habits. Unless they are in extreme pain, animals tend to hide if something is wrong with them. So even though we live with them in the same house and are used to reading their body language, we can miss some things that only a professional can diagnose.

If you don’t take your pet on regular check-ups because you think that everything is alright, start doing it now as it will be harder to fix an issue if it has been ignored for too long.

2. Make sure they exercise:

Even though your pets does whatever they please and sleep all the hours they want, it doesn’t mean that they should be lazy. Like all animals, your pet was designed to be able to move a lot and be stimulated every day. And, this is something you need to be on top of when you have a dog.

You just need to figure out how long your walks need to be, based on the size and breed of your dog and how many times you need to take them on walks per day. To make sure that your dog is having the right amount of exercise, you can also take toys with you so that you can play with them in a wide space until they get tired.

On the other hand, if you have a cat that never leaves the house, make sure that you leave plenty of toys around the house as well as places to climb or scratch its claws. When you have a cat and you don’t always have time to play with it, it’s normal for the cat to be entertained by itself for several minutes with a toy.

If you feel like doing it yourself, you should try buying a harness for your cat so you can take them to a park, for example, and they can have some contact with nature. It’s a good thing to try if your cat doesn’t have a nervous or closed type of personality.

3. Petting them to create a bond:

Like all animals, our pets need to produce enough happy hormones to live a healthy life, without stress. One way you can do this is by spending quality time with your pet or simply having cuddling hours to pet them.

This will make your pet feel loved and safe, as well as reduce their stress levels. It can be quite stressful for your pet when you leave the house and they spend hours alone, so make sure to compensate for that when you return. 

4. Upgrade the quality of their feed and measure the right proportions:

If you care about the things you eat, why shouldn’t you do it with the food you give to your pet. Yes, quality pet food can be quite expensive, but ask your veterinarian what food they recommend. They can present you with options that are cheaper, but better than the ones you find at the supermarket for a very cheap price.

Ensuring the quality of the food you give your pet is good enough may not seem to have great importance when they’re young, but it will prevent health issues when they reach old age.

5. Take extra care of the oral health of your pet:

Giving them quality adequate food and avoiding giving them the same food as yourself is a good step to guarantee the good oral health of your pet.

However, consider brushing their teeth once a week too. It will have a great positive impact on your pet’s health since it can prevent cardiac issues too.

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