How to Get Volume in Your Hair Overnight in 5 Steps

get volume in hair overnight

If you don’t have much volume in your hair but you want to wake up with shiny, wild, and full hair in the morning, we got you! There are several things you can do to make your hair gain volume overnight so you can feel more confident and beautiful. 

Today, we will break it down into 5 easy steps you can follow before going to bed. If you want your hair to become voluminous in the long term, do consider getting a new haircut, adopting volumizing products, and avoiding heat styling tools. 

However, today we will focus on an easy solution so you can get bold hair overnight whenever you need to. Without further ado, let’s get into the 5 steps to sexier hair! 

5 Steps to Get Volume in Your Hair Overnight:

1- Use Volumizing Products:

If you’re aiming for bigger hair, you should start using volumizing products. The first thing you need is a volumizing shampoo. Though it won’t do much overnight, it will help a little and you’ll see better results in the long term. Luckily, there are many volumizing shampoos to choose from so take your time considering the options. 

You should also consider getting texturizing sprays, root boosters, hair masks, and mousse. All these are volumizing products that will help you transform your hair. The most important one is the volumizing shampoo, though, so make sure to get a good one and use it the night before your big hair day. 

2- Dry Your Hair With a Towel:

If your hair is super flat, another thing you can do to add volume overnight is dry it with a towel. It will give you more of a lift than if you would just let it dry, naturally. Towels are usually made from thick fabric, so they can roughen up the hair a little to create texture.

Do be careful, though! You don’t want to be too rough with your hair because you risk breaking it. Especially if you have thin hair. Another option would be to use a diffuser to dry your hair.

It’s less damaging than using a blow dryer and it will also help you add texture to the hair. Plus, it prevents frizz, which is not the kind of texture you want. 

3- Give Your Roots a Boost:

Most of the volume in your hair starts at the roots, so it’s important to take care of them if you want bigger and bolder hair. Once you’ve dried your hair about 80%, use a volumizing mousse to give your roots a boost. Simply apply the product with your hands to your roots and the ends of your hair. 

You want to distribute the mousse evenly for better results. If you don’t like using hair mousse, you can use a root lifter. These products are meant to make your hair a little stiff, which allows you to enjoy the volume for longer.

Don’t worry, once you finish drying your hair and go through the rest of the steps, your hair won’t look that rigid or stiff anymore. 

4- Do an Overnight Hairstyle:

The final step before going to bed is doing an overnight hairstyle. There are many different options to choose from. You can do braids, which will give you a beachy, wild, and mesmerizing look once you open them in the morning.

It will look like your hair has naturally the most beautiful and loose, shiny waves ever and they’re good for fine hair, which is more difficult to volumize. Additionally, you can use rollers overnight. They take a little longer to apply, but they’re great for volume. 

One of the most popular options is the bun because it’s super easy and comfortable. All you have to do is place your hair in a bun by loosely twisting it into a top knot. Keep it in place with a scrunchie. You can split your hair in two and go for two buns instead of one if you want a tighter type of wave in the morning. 

5- Mix Up Your Parting:

Last but not least, when you style your hair in the morning, you should change your parting to add a little more extra volume. It may not seem like it, but when you favor a specific type of parting, for instance in the middle all the time then your hair will look flatter. That’s because you’re essentially training your hair to do just that. 

When you change your parting, you’ll have an instant boost in volume at the roots. If you want your hair to have a nice texture to it, keep playing with your hair parting. You can use a little hairspray to hold it in place. 


As you can see, it’s not super difficult to create a little more volume in your hair overnight. The steps will take a little time, but this is a routine before bedtime you can easily enjoy.

The best part is that it will yield results in the morning! Also, remember to always use products that are high-quality and safe for your hair. If you do your part and style your hair in the morning, then live life and enjoy your day without a care in the world once you walk out of the door.

Focusing on your hair, worrying about how it looks, and thinking about it all the time can easily end up ruining your peace of mind and stealing your smile away.

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